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Rifts Fantasy Wolfen



This is an illustration (not a sketch) that was commissioned at the 2010 Palladium Open House (POH) of a “Wolfen” adorned in sectional leather armor based out of the Palladium Fantasy RPG setting. I utilized a silhouette stance of a werewolf that I remembered Joe Vrienes having some time ago as my base and I went in deep from there.

It was illustrated on a Strathemore bristol smooth plate finish 14 X 17, 100 lb and a my favorite Zebra M-301 .5 lead. I worked off and on it during the POH estimated hours 5.5 - 7hrs.). I handed it over to Allen Manning for inking thereafter. Boy you should see the inks as well (perhaps I should upload them as well or see if he can), Wonderful job!

looking forward to your commments and hope you enjoy!
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This is absolutely stunning! I'm fascintated by the way his snout wrinkles, which is a difficult detail to draw. His fur has amazing resolution--I can see each bristle clearly!
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Great work man, your detail level is awesome!
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so excellent work ,so wonderful style , so fantastic idea , so awsome position so excellent details.

i think only he should have 4 toes in front and 1 behind or he should have plantigrade feets. That 3 toes look a bit to much a worgen from WOW
Sn0wgrimm's avatar
So many details! Awesome!
n3v3rw1nt3rw0lf3's avatar
VERY accurate wolfen I love the detail you put into this not many people do wolfen anymore. Me i'm currently playing one in my sunday game i'll have to do a picture of him soon and upload it :)
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WOlfen is absolutely right! They were literally the storm RCC at the POH 2012 and still have a few to illustrate. Please by all means do more of them and share with us!
n3v3rw1nt3rw0lf3's avatar
I'll make sure to do that I already have A wolfen up on the site look on my gallery for Wolfen Pugilist [link]
Hey Chuck, This is Jack, we met at Youmacon in Detroit. Love your art man. I own the laser etching company called Etched Forever, I hope we get to work together in the future.
This is so amazing and so cool! It looks so real!
Robert-Ripley's avatar
Wow this is amazing, what a piece of art!!
if this bad ass wolfen were avabile for a MMO i would pick him in a heartbeat, this pic is quiet frankly ... EPIC!
kgmilanes's avatar
astig ka pare ang husay mo
Valor115's avatar
This is BAD ASS!!!
ogrebear's avatar
That is superb!

Great detailing and fur textures there.
ZoomaRavewolf's avatar
I don't suppose we could do an art trade?
thekrishnacpatel's avatar
soooo koooooooooooooool
ShellshockNB's avatar
I'd put this wolfen on par with the Wolfen Necromancer on the Cover of Adventures in the northern wilderness.
ChuckWalton's avatar
WOW! Why Thank You tremendously for such flattery! I would love to work with Kevin on some more Wolfen Empire concepts & additonal ideas, hmmmm...the gears are going as we speak XD
ShellshockNB's avatar
Check out My Armored VF-2SS i was going to submit it for the rifter but since PB does't have the Macross II License anymore I can't but if you want it I can e-mail you the Full PDF file with all the info and everything with it
Best illustration of a Wolfen ever? Yep. Most of the ones in the books don't fit together right, as if they were pieced together from bits of people and wolves. This guy looks like a complete creature that is it's own separate race.
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I don't know why.. but I love it...:XD:
ChuckWalton's avatar
Must be the fur, something with the fur or perhaps its the wolf, naw....couldn't be that.
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