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Lemurian Crustacean Bio-Armor

This is the Lemurian Bio-Armor known as the Crustacean Bio-Armor used for the Rifts RPG published by Palladiumbooks. It is designed via Biomancy to be used as a walking tank and is an absolute monster in close combat. The creation of This Bio-armor enchants a group of crustaceans (crabs, lobsters and other shellfish) which begin forming and weaving bone substance around the new wearer. Soon the pilot is covered in a mass of living critters. The crustaceans are temporarily enchanted and secrete a gooey substance over the character. After the ritual is completed the cloud of crustaceans withdraws to reveal the pilot clad in a bio-armor comprised of bony plate armor, complete with helmet and massive Crab Claw. Crustacean Bio-Armor units have superior air and water filtering capabilities as well as heavy armor and impressive depth resistance. All of which make the crustacean bio armor units perfect for attacks on the Lord of the deep and other deep trench dwellers.
Amphibious Combat Armor and is equivalent to that of heavy /environment power armor.
The Crustacean Bio-Armor is capable of running 30 mph (48 km) maximum and can swim/rocket through water at a maximum speed of 35 mph (56 km/ 30 knots). This speed is tripled along a ley line. Maximum depth is 7 miles (11 km).
Height: 9-12 feet (2.7 to 3.6m), Weight: 1,400-2,000 pounds (630 to 900 kg).
Special features:
Sonic Wave: The Crustacean armor’s hammerhead has the ability to emit piercing sonic energy directed into a broad wave and is used as a ranged weapon up to a maximum range of 1200 feet (366 m) underwater and 600 feet on the surface. Larger targets take greater damage, while the wave’s size means it can be fired at groups of infantry or small targets as well.
Chest Beam: Mounted on the left side of the chest is abeam emitter that fires an energy beam, providing the wearer with an additional long range weapon while keeping his/her hands free for fighting hand to hand.
Giant Crab Claw: A massively powerful device, the claw can rip through tank armor and the hulls of ships with ease. Crustacean units are often used for boarding parties where they can create their own entrances and exits.
Emergency Floatation
Hammerhead: Users clad in the Crustacean Bio-Armor are bulky and slow to react. To help make up for this, a ”hammerhead” section on top of the armor has a pair of secondary eyes to assist the helmet’s visor that allow the wearer to see in an almost 300 degree arc and perform wicked headbutts. Except for a small blind spot directly behind the bio-armor, there is virtually no way to sneak up on the Crustacean Bio-Armor.
This illustration appears in the RIFTS: LEMURIA title.
Rifts® Lemuria is packed with new magic, weapons, living power armor, monstrous war steeds, weapons, and gear suitable for landlubbers and aquatic adventurers alike.
The Lemurians are an amphibious people with floating cities and magic-based technology that allows for land and underwater adventures alike. Discover the secrets and people of this lost and forgotten civilization of magic and wonder. Add amphibious capabilities to your Rifts® campaigns and discover new menaces under the sea. Amphibious in nature, Lemurians wage war against the demonic on dry land and under the waves. Their exotic riding animals, weapons, armor and magic are suitable for use on land and underwater.
See following link for purchasing details and inquiries.
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is this guyver reference 
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What an absolute unit

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major cyber-demon vibes
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this is brilliant.
Like a shell of crab
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holy shit man. respect!!
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There is something about the form, design, and detail of this piece is just captivating. One arm is a claw, yet it is not the main focus, the detail draws the eyes to practically everything, it's not like, "Oh hey, look, he has a claw, and some weird horns", it is more like, "Wow! Look at the detail, the arm claw, the plates of bone things on the other, the cracks on the arm claw, the posture, the structure, the...everything!". That is how basically everyone views this as. Good Job.

Impressive that you noticed that.

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I love organic designs for armor! This is great!
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It can be put in Fallout series.
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Now THAT'S a fantasy monster!
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Hey I'm working on a project, this is epically amazing. care if I reference it?
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Did you use ink in this drawing?
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Thanks for asking as that lets me know I was doing something right.
No its all .5mm Zebra pencil and then PS
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and if we are lucky lots of butter.
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the bulky monstrous appearance is a sure sign of the fine quality of this bio-armor the massive exoskeleton not only stops everything from swords to small calibur rounds and grenades but also allows effective operation by a pilot with broken limbs or other severe wounds if the bio-armor has its own brain full autonomy is possible allowing it to continue working even if the pilot loses consciousness or dies or in extreme cases fight alongside the pilot separately utilizing its own set of organs furthermore the full head coverage indicates an independent air supply making most chemical weapons useless outfitted with various types of heavy artillery it would be unstoppable to everything short of an airstrike
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chuck u r my new fave artist bro! you freakin rock
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WOW, Thank YOU and what a humbling title to be bestowed though I am far from being what I would like to reach.
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Massively awesome. Love it.
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