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Lemurian Coral Bio-Armor


This is the Lemurian Bio-Armor known as the Coral Bio-Armor used for the Rifts RPG published by Palladiumbooks. It is designed via Biomancy utilizing the aid of tiny organisms called polyps found in coral. Often a Biomancer Gene mage performs a ritual near a living coral reef creating spell that forms the bio-armor over the chosen wearer. The wearer becomes encased in a Mega Damage bio-armor construct. The Coral Bio-Armor is designed as an amphibious Combat Armor and is equivalent to that of heavy /environment power armor.
The Coral Armor is capable of running 30mph (48 km) maximum and can swim/rocket through water at a maximum speed of 30 mph (48 km/ 26 knots). This speed is tripled along a ley line. Maximum depth is 4 miles (6.4 km).

Height: 8.5-10.5 feet (0.8 to 0.9 m) at the shoulder.
Weight: (600 pounds (270kg).

Special features:
Coral Burst: At the users will, the Coral Bio-armor can fire a blast of dozens of tiny, razor sharp coral fragments from the hands and arms; point and short up to a maximum range of 1000 feet (305 m) underwater and double in an atmosphere.
Retractable Arm Blades: The arms of the Coral Bio Armor sport a pair of retractable swords. They are utilized against sea monsters and humanoid opponents alike.
Razor Coral: Coral reefs are known for their sharp edges that cut careless divers and undersea fishermen. The Coral Bio-Armor can temporarily ripple with razor-edged protrusions, making it extremely difficult to fight against the suit in close combat.
This illustration appears in the RIFTS: LEMURIA title.
Rifts® Lemuria is packed with new magic, weapons, living power armor, monstrous war steeds, weapons, and gear suitable for landlubbers and aquatic adventurers alike.
The Lemurians are an amphibious people with floating cities and magic-based technology that allows for land and underwater adventures alike. Discover the secrets and people of this lost and forgotten civilization of magic and wonder. Add amphibious capabilities to your Rifts® campaigns and discover new menaces under the sea. Amphibious in nature, Lemurians wage war against the demonic on dry land and under the waves. Their exotic riding animals, weapons, armor and magic are suitable for use on land and underwater.
See following link for purchasing details and inquiries.
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Striking. Did you use digital or traditional art.
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Our lord and savior Cthuhlu would like to know your location.

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This looks kick butt...I think  I want this to be my costume for next year...better start sculpting now.
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HOLY CRAP this is intricate! Pretty much everything about it - the shading, the incredible amount of detail, the proportions - is amazing. I especially love the helmet design and the blades on the hands.

Even if an opponent survived the encounter, I imagine they'd have a nasty infection if they got pierced with those coral projectiles. Coral is known for leaving material behind in the cut, turning even a small injury more serious than it initially looks. That makes it even smarter as a weapon of choice.
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I imagined coral as a natural armor... but never imagined it as some kind of mechsuit...

This is freakin' awesome. :D
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This is nothing short of beautiful. Absolutely. Beautiful.
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Wow! that really good work :D
Paint it one way and it's a hideous sea monster, paint it another way and it could become a new chapter of Nurgle Chaos marines...
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this is intense. thank you.
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This so great 
if this guy was in a movie I'd want to watch it - the detail idea and concept are just great
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Thank You so much!!!!
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how long did this take?
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imagine this guy in pirates of the caribbean
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Not a bad... idea actually
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Absolutely gorgeous.
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Very descriptive with the details too. Very cool.

I'm assuming that you work for a game company? If you do, that's really cool I wish I could. You will be a legend some day. I can tell. 
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