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This is an illustration I did for the Rifts® story, “A Cold Night, Dead Past”, written by an amazing Brett Caron, featured in Rifter® 63 published by Palladiumbooks.

The character depicted is a partial conversion Bounty Hunter Cyborg who was very the protagonist in this intense, action and gritty story set in the Rifts® RPG. Frost has some awesome cybernetics and array of technology that made illustrating this character thought provoking.

Such cool gizmos include:
An artificial intelligence implanted in his body cavity that samples and analyzes the air via tiny chips in his nostril, scrolling chemical composition down one side of his field of vision as the powerful computer within his gut intelligently identifies odors. When he’d had the device built, it had come with an absurd backronym: Sensory Extrapolation and Intelligent Detection unit, or S.E.I.D. Frost just called it Seed as it takes in the environment and relays its conclusions to Frost’s optical HUD.

Enhanced vision for cycling through various sensory and spectrums, including microscopic and telescopic lens articulation.

Concealable/ Retractable forearm Particle beam blaster

An array of advanced hand-held firearms, grenades and blades.

Radio Relay and uplink, with retractable cybernetic finger jack for computer interfacing and hacking.
Reinforced dermal armor plated, bionic gun-metal arms and legs, supported with internal reinforcements and supports throughout his body.

Frost is truly Predatory Head-Hunter with a dark past ad grim future that is primed for Rifts!
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So, I know this has been posted 8 years ago - brilliant art by the way - but it's always been bugging me that I couldn't find that story. Turns out you've got a typo in the description, it's in Rifter #64. Sorry for being this nitpicky xD

Also, love your art. Your power armor illustrations brought me into Rifts.