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Dreadguard Miko with Dragon HA
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Published: December 29, 2009
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Hello DA Family & Splicers Fans!
Its been awhile… (as the song goes)
As I continue to bang through the ton of Art for the upcoming project(s), I felt the need to showcase some of my more recent Commission Art, purchased by :iconfuchikoma42: AKA Galactus Kid, as Christmas gifts for some of his campaign players. Got to love this Guy!!!

This image was illustrated on a Bienfang 19” X 24” (483mm X 610mm) Smooth Surface Bristol sheet with my favorite .5 Zebra M-301, smile. Love those Zebras!!!!

Time span, 3–days with a serious migraines to boot, NO JOKE!!!


Below you will read the enclosed stats on the pilot & her Host Armor, re-introducing or introducing you to a facet of the World of Splicers! A Wonderful RPG published by Palladiumbooks



MIKO & DRAGON HOST ARMOR (Niponic-Kiryu Dragon style)
Warsaw Field Operative: Roughneck, recently promoted to Dreadguard rank.
Here the beautiful serenity of Miko can be seen as she bask in her meditation aura preparing for her next SORTE.

Miko is refugee from a Japanese oriented Retro-Village and she is now a citizen with the Great House Warsaw. Miko can be seen in her Lotus position with her ancient Macachuitl, which has been passed down to her.

Miko’s personal Dreadguard Host Armor (HA), (a Living bio-mechanical equivalent of Power Armor only better, as Host Armors regenerate their expended ammo payloads and damage received in combat). What you see before you is one of the first Dragon Knight Host Armors to debut. Its features are as follows

Statistical Data:

Height: 8 Feet (2.4m)
Width: 4 feet (1.2m), 20 foot wingspan tip to tip (6.1m)
Weight: 600 lbs (270kg), including Miko’s weight, wings & tail
Length: 3 feet (0.9m), 13 feet including tail (3.96m)
Cargo: she can carry her weight and with her foot talons she can lift an additional 540 lbs (243lbs) for a distance of 200 feet though her speed is reduced to half
Operational Lifespan: 36-year lifespan
Senses & Features: The eyes of the Dragon Host Armor are equipped with advanced sight, passive nightvision (light amplification, range 2000 feet/610m) polarization (glare reduction to help prevent blinding), sound amplifying hearing (able to hear a whisper 300feet/91.5 feet away) and a sense of taste & smell about twice as acute as an ordinary human. The Host Armor can accurately sense magnetic north at all times, as well as project Miko’s (the pilot) voice up to 80 decibels as if amplified by a megaphone or loudspeaker. The Host Armor itself is shield from damage by high intensity sounds, radiation and minor heat, fire & cold conditions. The Host Armor purifies the air before it is passed on to the pilot, Miko, removing all toxins, poisons and impurities before it is breathed. The Host Armor also has a built in system of gills to allow Miko to breathe via the Dragon Host Armor, underwater for an unlimited time period. Also as in all Host Armors, the Dragon Host Armor possesses a unique set of communications gear called Bio-Comms. These organic resonators create sympathetic vibrations in other living creatures that can be decoded by other bio-comm units, creating a system of telepathic like communication that has proven to be undecipherable to the Machine. The maximum rang of the Bio-Comm range is 6 miles (9.6 km).
Feeding: Miko’s suit must consume 10-30lbs (4.5 –13.5kg) of animal matter a day and may gorge up to 50-80lbs (22.5–36kg) at one time. After gorging the Dragon HA can go for 2-8 days without feeding and without suffering any ill effects.
Sleep Requirements: The Host Armor requires 2-8 hours of sleep/rest/inactivity per day.

Speed Stats:

Running: clocked at 80mph (128km), the act of running does tire Miko, but at only 10% the normal fatigue rate due to the musculature and augmentation of the Host Armor.
Leaping: can leap up to 20 feet (6.1m) high or 40 feet (12.2 m) across from a standing position.
Digging: 20 mph (32 km) through sand and dirt, but half as fast through rock & stone. Digging does tire Miko out, but at a fatigue rate only 50% less than normal.
Swimming: 30 mph (48km/25.9 knots) using human form of swimming, however, Dragonese form of swimming is 60mph (96km/51.8 knots) with the tail thrust and wing assistance, this does not tire the Host Armor or Miko, and does 80% less disturbance to the water surface.
Underwater Depth: The Dragon Host Armor can withstand pressure up to 700 feet (213.4m) down.
Flying: Miko’s HA has been clocked at 100mph (160km) and reaching a maximum altitude of 15,000 feet (4572m), though she might actually be capable of faster speeds as she has been seen in a short burst high speed dive of 300mph (480km).

Special Weapons
A.) Advanced Central eye visor providing the Host a vision similar to that of an eagle, enabling Miko to recognize a face or read a small sign up to a mile away (1.6 km), and also provides passive nightvision with a 2000 ft range & polarized eye filters (to block out glare and reflected light).

B.) Additional Eyes are located on the back of the neck and the back of the gauntlets of each hand of the Dragon Host Armor. The pair of mounted eyes on the neck work great for seeing targets behind Miko, especially during flight or in intense combat scenarios where numerous adversaries are about. The mounted hand eyes are also great for seeing around corners and setting up tactical attacks.

C.) The Incendiary Breath Weapon is located in the lungs, throat & mouth of the Dragon’s maw to project a blast of chemicals that mix on contact with the air to produce a gout of flame just like the mythical dragons of lore. There is no visible weapon port so the fiery blast can come without any warning and can be intense with an effective range of 30-40feet (9.1m-12.2m). It is unknown, though it has been rumored that this Dragon Host Armor spews plasma, this is yet to be confirmed, yet that is, smile.

D.) (6) Super Light Cell cluster on the left forearm resemble large spider eyes with each large cell producing a beam of pure white light beam that does serious accumulative damage & can discharge all the cells in a volley burst. Even laser resistant armors receive full damage, as the light beam produced is not a true laser. The Super light Cell beams can reach an effective range of 1000 (305m) feet but can be increased to 2000 feet (610m). One of Miko’s favorite combat tactics is to peak he left hand around the corner using her gauntlet’s mounted eye, identify the targets and then place only her arm or forearm around the corner and blaze enemies down with the targeting, without exposing herself.

E.) Spore Discharger mounted on the right shoulder, this long protrusion grown from the shoulder fires a liquid stream of metal eating spores. Once the liquid comes into contact with a robot, machine or any metallic object, the spores pop like a stream of micro-explosive rounds and begin to eat into the metal target(s), though they are totally ineffective to living targets. The liquid discharge can reach an effective range of 600-1200 feet (183m-366m).

F.) Gore Cannon mounted on the Left shoulder is a unique weapon type that extends from the Host Armor’s shoulder housing that can swivel and point in any direction and turn 360 degrees. The blast is a nasty combination of gore regurgitated by the digestive system of the Host Armor and Bio-Energy generated by the nervous system. This makes for a repulsive blast of energized slime that burns through an opponent like lava. The Gore can reach an effective range of 1000- 1400 feet (305m-427m). Great for slagging the Machina!

G.) A Retractable tongue is housed in the powerful jaws of the Dragon maw that can stretch 12-18 feet (3.6-5.5m). The tip of the tongue ends in a large ball of muscle with tiny barb tips, that can grip most any surface like that of a toad, or it can wrap itself around objects like a whip. The tongue can actually support the host Armor’s full weight and can be used to snatch weapons, coins, tools or items out of an unsuspecting adversary’s hands, as well as steal items, climb & swing (though it looks disgusting), turn knobs and press buttons with quick strike reflexes. The tongue is exceptionally strong and can pull weight equal to the Host Armor’s normal burden limits toward it with minimum effort. The tongue does not impeded the HA’s ability to talk and looks surprisingly normal until it is unleashed.

H.) Bone Armored Dagger spines align down the center of the spine and tail of the Dragon Host Armor with smaller rows going down each side. These natural resin like bone spines can be pulled out and thrown like daggers (up to 3 at one time) up to an effective distance of 80 feet (24.4m). Each blade extracted re-grows within 28-48 hours. The blades themselves, once pulled out, can be saved and utilized as conventional knives after being plucked from the armor or victim(s). The blades rise up when the Dragon Host Armor is threatened or angered.

I.) Dragon features (Fangs, claws, tail, wings)
I1 The Dragon’s Maw is equipped with powerful metal rending jaws and armor piecing bone-crushing teeth that can shred enemies into pieces. With The dragon’s large zygomatic arches & sagital crest cavities so large, they are packed with enormous musculature that enable the Dragon Host Armors to deliver one of the most devastating Host Armor bite forces among the Resistance. It is one of the reasons why these “RARE” Dragon Host Armors are one of the most revered and feared HAs in the Resistance.
I2 The Dragon’s Talons are retractable and make good use as powerful meat hooks tearing & slashing into Machines & rival Splicers with the tenacity of their namesake.
I3 The Dragon’s Tail is a large, powerful & muscular flexible 10-foot tail that can lash out to strike adversaries like an armored whip.
I4 The Dragon Wings allow the Host Armor avian like flight capabilities (100mph (160km) - potentially 240mph (384km) maximum speed) & VTOL capabilities.

J.) Also part of Miko’s Dragon Host Armor arsenal though not shown here, only on the original illustration as a gift of authenticity, is a Bio-Macachuitl battle sword that the Dragon Host Armor wields to bash and butcher machines & rival Splicers that rise up to challenge Miko & the Great House of Warsaw.

Special Notes: The Dragon Host Armor loves to hunt, stalk, predate and be active and despises being penned up with noting to do and Miko may sometimes exhibit an aggressive tendency, as is the nature of the two Dragons.

Coming Soon:
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I'm almost ashamed to ask, but do thesearmour suits and mounts us as fuel? 
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depends on the suit, and what you mean by 'us as fuel'
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Something curious, I have seen this illustration for years. Until this morning, I do not remember noticing the macachuitl at her knees. It's such a nice little detail which draws out the multi-cultural influences on the Splicers setting.
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I'm not personally into splicing and genetic modification in gaming! (my fellow gamers do.😉)But ill purchase the splicers source book and other reference material just to see your work as this wonderful example!
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wow impressive work there
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why that looks like an aztec weapon?
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indeed you have a good eye! Its a Macachuitl
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SO MUCH FINE DETAIL *head explodes*
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thekrishnacpatelHobbyist Digital Artist
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I don't care what anyone else says, you sir are God!
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WOW... Never had such a compliment, and I am extremely humbled, However, I'm just a grain of sand on His vast beach, smile. I have a boat load still to learn in the Art game and strive to learn when I can.
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Congratulations! Your entry has been level up to epic gallery at :iconbestdrawings: keep up the good work! :dance:
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Why Thank You and I am so honored for the upgrade!
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Very FREAKIN' cool!
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Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful.

I feel like I just watched an awesome movie looking at this picture. I wanna see that movie.
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You just made my eyes tear up. I would love to see that movie as well.
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wow didn't know my words could do that. But yea this just deeped the level of creativity my brain has never touched upon, I really love the thoughts I have of this picture.
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Don't wat to read them all its to many
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Strange and interesting.
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