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Madame Samovar

Madame Jelena Alexandrovna Samovar is having tea with some uninvited guests... :tea:

I spoiled her face completely but I'm not in the mood to do it again...

Take care everyone :hug:
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Colorful and whimsical! I never knew that spirits were addicted to sweets. I love the refection of the one in the mirror! :D
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Thank you so much :glomp:
people without a body are especially attracted by sweets^^
Sherry27's avatar
Your paints are beautiful *O*
Du bist genial *-*
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AnnaGabrie's avatar
i am in love with your art!!!!
chuckometti's avatar
Thank you sweety :blowkiss:
LadyLotus's avatar
I think it turned out great, exspecially the dim colours. only thing I see about the face, is that the eyes has less volume than the rest of the picture.

It`s also exciting to see only the ghosts hands, but then you see them in the mirror :)
chuckometti's avatar
Thank you very much for your sweet comment :hug:
I didn't notice the thing about the eyes°-°
mairimart's avatar
Awwww I love it,this is so detailed!!!! *_______*
and the mirror idea is pure genius,Moni.
oh gosh,I love your works so much...

You seriously should try sending 5 illos to Bologna Children Book Fair 2011,you know? Just to tell you... the deadline is October 1st.

I'm telling you this because I think you have the right style to join the competition.
chuckometti's avatar
thank you very much :tighthug:
I'm sorry that I don't answer very regularly at the moment,
but I just moved into a new flat and startet an internship at a small graphic life is very busy at the moment^^
Thank you for reminding me of the book fair, I'll definitely check out the competition rules^^
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Thank you so much :glomp:
geraldus's avatar
i think you did a great job with her face, you manage to depicted the emotions very well ...
chuckometti's avatar
Thank you so much :hug:
Shandria's avatar
Mein Gott, ist das süß!
Die Szene trifft genau meinen Geschmack :) Die Geisterhändchen bzw. der Geist im Spiegel sind unheimlich niedlich (lol, im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes xD). Und ihr Blick dazu ist klasse ^^ Ich glaub heut Nacht leg ich Kekse in die Küche, vielleicht locken die ja diese süßen Geister an ^^
Außerdem find ich, du hast die Texturen hier besonders schön eingesetzt.
Somit habe ich ein neues Lieblingsbild von dir :)
chuckometti's avatar
Vielen lieben Dank :tighthug:
es freut mich, dass dir das Bild so gut gefällt,
ich bin mit meinen sachen zurzeit mal wieder nicht so zufrieden^^
joeyv7's avatar
I love the little items on the table, and her annoyed look.
chuckometti's avatar
Thank you so much :glomp:
Risata's avatar
xDDD huiii, endlich xD ist sie fertig
chuckometti's avatar
yoooo, die Frau WasserkocherXD
Risata's avatar
ja xD selbstwaserkocher!
the-burning-brand's avatar
I don't think the face is spoiled at all. It's the perfect expression for a woman dealing with uninvited, half- invisible guests.
chuckometti's avatar
Thank you, I'm glad you like it :hug:
luciediamonds's avatar
I love the little ghostly arms :)
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