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Cupcake Princess

I know this picture really has too much of everything, but it was such fun, I just couldn't stop myself^^
don't forget to :brushteeth: after looking at itXD

textures are from cg textures,
the one on the teacups [link] is from ~pixiekist-stock

the one in the background is from ~spiritsighs-stock
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i totally love it <3<3
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Thank you so much :blowkiss:
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This is really good! I always loved sweet, you did something very beautifull with this theme ^-^!
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I love the concept, and the dress does look pretty tasty :aww:
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thanks :heart:
yes, it's visual candyXD
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no prob, it's so sweet! :)
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I love it! Great work!
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Thank you :hug:
there's lots of caramel in itXD
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Uh caramel... on a woman... or a man and I licking.... yes, please, I want that!
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hey I had caramel today! but unfortunately it wasn't sticking to a manXD
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Oh nooo, nooo, then it is wasted... you know what I mean? LOL :D
OMG I just saw this, you love the movie Stardust? Cool, me too!
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you like stardust too? that's great, i think my favourite character is this septimus guyXD
But I love all neil gaiman stuff^^
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Yes I ADORE Stardust... and it's quite weird, because it's not necessarily my type of movie, but c'mon, it is soooo good. And yes, Septimus is soo damn hot! The actors that are playing in the movie, wow, only A-listers. Oh and Michele Pfeifer (spelling?) is soo damn hot in the young shots, LOL
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michelle pfeiffer is really cool,
but not as good as robert deniro when he's dressed like a womanXD
and i was quite happy that stardust wasn't as disappointing as many other fantasy films^^
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oh my god my cavities!
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I hope you have a good dentistXD
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