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My contribution for Cocktober19, the latest of this year's Size Riot contests. The new challenge was writing about one of those underrated topics: cocks. Yeah, that kind of cocks. And I threw my own experience in BDSM, which isn't that much, but taught me about a lot of things I didn't know, mainly safe words and after-care. The size part was inspired by people fantasizing about small dommes, so I wanted to contribute to it.

Unlike other stories, this one is an 'enhanced' version of the original story I submitted. The feedback I got was very positive, but one of the comments was a bit disappointed the climax felt too short and sudden. Which is true, due to the word limit, and I took the chance to improve it a bit, add some bits and make the climax a bit longer.

After this, I'm taking a break from contests. I'll be missing the next Cruel January at least. I'll explain myself on a journal entry, as usual.

And once again, thanks to :iconaborigen-gts: for hosting Size Riot.

The original story can be found here.
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