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So my wife is probably going to thihk I am a huge nerd for posting this (she already thinks of me as one, so no big), BUT I have been out of comic book reading for a while now. I quit sometime around college, partly because I thought it was childish, and partly because I had to focus on the books with no fun pictures.

I've been wanting to get back into it recently. My education in graphic design and the graphic elements I have rediscovered in comics have given me a fresh interest in the whole idea of comics. I have been telling myself that I would get my self a subscription and pick up where I left off but SO much has happened in comics (specifically in the Marvel Universe) since 2002.

Does anyone know of a good title that could ease me back into this? Something that I could get into with little to no background on what has been going on in the past 7 years (specifically in the Marvel Universe, although DC and Image are acceptable publishers as well, and I am open if it is a good read).

I really used to be into Uncanny X-Men (who wasn't?) during Joe Mad's run. Also I love anything Spiderman, but I am also open to other good titles. Maybe there is a new book coming out that you think would be worth starting out on? The whole Dark Reign thing going on in Marvel really interests me.

Good story, and fantastic art are absolutely important. Any suggestions, any ideas would be much appreciated! Thanks!
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Been a while since my last post. I have been busy with my current job, and looking for a new one.

So the wife and I are in Dallas this weekend making a final decision on the living arangements. I got a brand new job and we will be moving to the big "D" in about a week or so! More on this later!

I'm so excited to be using my degree and moving into a larger market. A big first step in my career!

More updates on stuff I've been working on to come...

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Just got back Saturday from the Dallas Society of Visual Communications Fifth Annual Student Show. It was a BLAST. I got alot of good feedback from my portfolio and the preview issue of DESIGNERD.

The first official issue will be available soon for order or download on my website, along with the preview issue (if you really want to collect them all).

I hope everyone's weekends were as productive as mine, and have a great day!

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