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'Tis here I did a couple years back for Dave Wilkins' Luchador-extraordinaire comic "EL ZOMBO" (echo echo echo) I had originally done this in full-color, but about 3/4 into the coloring-stage, my "brain-train" fell off the tracks and I didn't finish it the way I had originally envisioned (I feel I overworked the colors in the original version).

I was cleaning up my hard-drive the other day, and I saw this piece again, so I decided to tweak it for a bit and make it look like an old school Luchador-movie poster, AND realized I should have just kept it simple from the get-go.... oh well, sometimes the damn brain-train arrives years late! :)
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hahaha this made me laugh so good
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Love this one man! Beautiful composition and line work!
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I found this through Comics Alliance.  Very nice work!
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super poster !
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Turned out flipping amazing!!!!
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He looks like Bane
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Bane and Zombo are both Lucha Libre wrestlers (well, Zombo IS a wrestler, and Bane was designed to look like one), so that's where the common link happens! :)
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Well damn...this is awesome!!
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seems to be so cool! wanna see more...
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thanks Y'alls, glad you dig!!! :)
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Bwahaha Dave "El Borracho" Wilkins! Hilarious good job. I remember watching you color this and I love this old school feel. It should be a huge movie poster.
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thanks Josh... the original color version felt like I "tripped" right before getting to the "finish line", so I always had the itch of getting back to it and seeing how I could tweak it... desaturating it was the anwser! :)
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I think it looks awesome! I remember when you were coloring this! You taught me a few things about coloring and lighting that day.
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thank you very much Mr Barbarian! :)
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OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!
jaja "El Zombo", muy gracioso
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