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StarCraft cover BW

By Chuckdee
gaaah... sorry, my old man brain can't remember what this character's name is, but this is another cover that I believe ended up being used as a pinup instead I believe? My favorite thing about the StarCraft designs is how insanely big the tech is... that's my favorite kinda tech design... when stuff looks big, uncomfortable, and probably smells like an old gym bag if you were to step into this armor.... oh yes, nothing says high tech like the smell of old socks! :)
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I've always wondered what the persons real arms were doing.  It's always been a bugaboo of mine with Starcraft Terran marines.  Great pic :)
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because girls kick ass too!
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These suits always look awesome, even when you realize that to wear them you'd have to dislocate and dismember every joint in your arms and legs. :)
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the floor detail with all the "frosty" parts blending with her feet are cool. Nice geometry for the suit :) like always.. I dig it
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aaaaaaaahw yeaaaaa finely a femail marine
JaguarDeMente's avatar
because not all Marines are men is great your work seems to be on the planet Braxis I imagine with the surrounding ice
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what's software u used it??its look like pretty awesome.
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Incredible talent!! Congratulations.
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"What's the matter, 'toss? You never seen a girl before?"

Seriously, awesome. Yeah, the terran tech has a special place in my heart too for being ridiculously bulky and worn-out. You did that really well with the detailing and scratches.
I was just asking myself not to long ago, what would a lady space marine look like. I'm crying tears of joy on the inside when I saw this. I love when women can be depicted to be just as powerful or even more so then men. I am a Femshep fan and I love her to pieces
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Look's nice and I wonder if it's the battle against the Zerg at least Kerigan's back to normal but that's the next story of starcraft 2 hart of the swarm.
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oh god! I really suck.
love it! great pose too!
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Going to attempt to use this in a Tag. :O

It looks fantastic. I hope I don't do it harm. :D
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I thought they had FOUR lights
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Dear Chuckdee
Your Wonderful art work ... is selected to get in...Action-Portraits
If you agree...!!!
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Dude!!!! when i saw this blew my face off!! nice post....starcraft has the best tech designs by far....keep em coming man.!
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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGH! my brain exploded when i see this...
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that is beautiful, rock on man
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thank you Sir! :)
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