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PH4 2005 cover-image

... and this is a closeup of the cover image I did... since I knew the image would be somewhat small on the cover itself, I wanted the colors to JUMP at you, AND at the time I was looking at LOTS and lots of Moebius' craaazeee color schemes, so that was another heavy influence in the color choices.

..and well, as someone who grew up in the 80's, I have a heavy heavy 'military-gear fetish', so I just wanted to draw a girl with a big ol' Russian style tank-helmet just 'cause! :)
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She is beautifull Love 
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Hey that's nice! I love the colors, & the details are great!

Though I was just wondering... If 80's ppl have a military fetish, what do 90's ppl have? A robot fetish? XDDD (idk, I've always preferred Nazi uniforms myself) XD
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Thank's Y'alls very much! :)
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Great style, excellent!
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Beautiful colors beautiful lines, only a bit jealous >.>
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Thanks Y'alls!
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Absolutely Love It !
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Awesomeness!!! :la:
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This is very cool! What did you do it for?
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it was part of a cover-image for a sketch book me and some studio-mates put together a few years back! :)
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Reminds me of the one girl from disney's Atlantis
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Really nice! Reminds me of illustrations from Mechwarrior RPG handbook. Love this! <3
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That looks very cool!
Reminds me of Modesty Blaise! ^^
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RAAARRRGH I love those lines! Now I want to explore lineart styles--I feel I rely too much on soft shading. I will observe and learn, sensei >8I
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Absolutely LOVE this image, C.
Gorgeous stuff
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It is my favourit pic it looks very genial and cool, it have style and looks sexy ;D
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Really cool, I dig it! :D
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