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Harley incarnations

Harley took a few tries to get her to her finished version... as you can see, the very first one was basically a Nurse's outfit, and it matched the initial idea that the Joker would also be dressed like a 'Mad Doctor' or something.... the idea to make her look more 'bondage' came from Paul Dinni, and with a character like Harley, that TOTALLY makes sense if you ask me... this is a girl that LOVES a murdering psycopath after all! :)
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first 1 feels the creepiest and most sid and nancy inspired... something about it reads as horror level... 2nd one feels like she adapted to be the jokers s&m plaything but the 3rd one just feels like she' trying too hard to fit a particular character.
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I take two middles and one left
Gierek76's avatar
Very good style !
Hakan-AYDIN's avatar
I loved at the middle :)
HarleyQuinnArkham's avatar
Murdering psychopaths are the best kind!
TensaiSaiyan's avatar
I love the one on the right. Great look. Love that her natural hair is exposed.
HaV0cK's avatar
jusss sweeeet!!! 3 different version! nice job :)
doom-freak's avatar
#2 is easily my favorite of these designs, it's a real shame it wasn't use :(
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Umm.... these aren't your own designs. These are the concept art designs of the official design team for the game Arkham Asylum. If you already explained that I'm sorry, but it's not fair for other people to take credit for what doesn't belong to them. - Harl xoxo
HarleyTheSirenxoxo's avatar
OR if you are on the design team for Arkham Asylum I'm so sorry and awesome job.
Chuckdee's avatar
hehehe, it's all good, I can understand the confusion! , but I was one of the main character designers on both games! :)
HarleyTheSirenxoxo's avatar
I'm so sorry!!!! Now I'm all embarrassed. I admire your work greatly and just wanted to see credit where it was due.So sorry :( >.< -Harl xoxo :hug:
Chuckdee's avatar
heheh, no problem! regretfully I've seen a number of people using my designs and 'appropriating' them as their own, so believe me, I get where you're coming from. :)
HarleyTheSirenxoxo's avatar
Well, I'll be using your Arkham Asylum design for my next cosplay in 2012. I'll be sure to send them when I get it all together. Do you mind if I do that? I'll be updating my Arkham City cosplay as well. - Harl xoxo :hug:
Chuckdee's avatar
by all means, glad you dig the design! :)
jetblackvelvet's avatar
I really love the third one :)
Sonic-chaos's avatar
I love the tommy gun version! :D
ectoborge's avatar
Its cool to see the process
stevenoirproduction's avatar
Love your galleries, love this whole portfolio of concept design. Sexy, creative, inspiring... I took a quick peek at the sequentials, but I've just got to come back when I've got more time. Good luck with it!
steve noir
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thank you very much! :)
Hell-is-a-56's avatar
Really REALLY glad you included the skirt. Fighting in with underwear on the outside is...well...for Batman. :D

I'd really like to see that modified tommy-gun closer, do you have any pictures of just it?
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I love that she's a complete psycho, both psychopath AND psychiatrist xD
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