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This was for a project that sadly got canned... I didn't do too many pieces, but some of my studio-mates had done some AWESOME pinups that regretfully will probably never see the light of day... anyway, I still needed to massage the rendering a bit on this, it feels to 'blown out' to me (I have that bad tendency), but it gets the job done! :)
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I enjoy this piece. Oliver looks like a real man. That classic Grell/Adams/Hester I've always admired.
Zhaanman's avatar
Wicked cool Just as he should be mean and green!!
MegaUchiha's avatar
nice work that is very good
tinyguy712's avatar
Damn do I miss this Green Arrow. Lovely interpretation Chuck! (hope to see more of you on Justice League, if you can! I loved your issue!)
KellCandido's avatar
rengav23's avatar
Muy bueno, muchacho!!
Chuckdee's avatar
muchas gracias! :)
7disney7's avatar
wow! very nice!
Taj-P's avatar
amazing art, Oliver Queen is looking better than ever
EREX94's avatar
Damn look at all those muscles! I love Green Arrow he's so bad-ass, awesome work btw!!
Shaya-Fury's avatar
=] the colors rulz
ForsakenWanderer's avatar
Man, I love Green Arrow. Sorry to hear the project was canned. Great work though!
darkside-ky's avatar
It's too bad he can't make a cameo in Batman: Arkham City...

In Dark Knight Returns (the book by Frank Miller) he was one crazy MFer. He made me chuckle.
Stigmartyr762's avatar
Outstanding work! :)
VictorHugo's avatar
Awesome indeed!!
Naki-dono's avatar
very awesome. the green's kinda bright, but it stands out over the background so it works out ^^
Chuckdee's avatar
heheh, yeah, in hindsight, that green is blinding me!!! :)
Naki-dono's avatar
he'd be great to use as a glow stick in the dark XD
Chuckdee's avatar
Ravin' Green Arrow!!!
Velaad's avatar
Awesome Ollie!
CCSNASH's avatar
MrLylesJr's avatar
This is awesome. (My personal abhorrence for GA aside) How come the shadow is tinged blue only on the bottom?
Chuckdee's avatar
GET TO WORK DAVE!!! hahahahahah
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