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Bruce... nuff said

By Chuckdee
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Mind you, likenesses aren't really my forte, but I think he kinda sorta looks like Bruce Lee! :) ...this was for a friend's sketchbook, and the theme of the sketchbook is nothing but Bruce Lee drawings (some AMAZING pieces in there) this is that 'anime-moment', a split second after he just decapitated the poor sparing robot.

The piece was done with markers, some pencil rendering, and a bit of Photoshop magic for good measure! :)
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Incredible post and nicely drawn muscles.
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Like this allot! love the style 
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Love this!  I'm starting a movement to get Bruce into a UFC video game.  As you can see, the fb page is pretty bare.  So I'd like to invite you to post this in the comments.  Thanks!…

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Excellent likeness!!! It even catches that emotional content Bruce was so famous for!!!
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Chuckdee, this is so cool! I think he has a Bruce likeness, but what really does it are those huge "enter the dragon" gloves he's wearing. love the expression and the bot in the back too. good stuff!
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I remember this sketch book being passed around artist alley at San Diego Comic Con. Awesome job!
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Pro'bly,doesn't look like Bruce Lee but He also never fought the Real Steel!
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cooooooooooooooooooooooooool, finally an original drawing of bruce lee, and it looks amazing :D
HOLY CRAP!! For the first time ever, somebody draws an ORIGINAL picture instead of just copying a photo, and it's actually good! Not only that but he even resemble Bruce by 98% at least if not 100%!! This is the greatest Bruce Lee drawing on the whole internet ever.

Seriously, just try to find one, I guarantee you can't. They're all re makes of a photo, just painted or something, or they'll be cartoony and funny looking, ain't Bruce Lee AIN'T FUNNY. Or they'll just look nothing like him.

So we got drawings that look nothing like him (he's handsome, sleek, super muscular) or they'll be funny toon art, or they'll just be a re-make of an already existing photo. You were able to capture BRUCE LEE with an original conception. This F*king kiks major f*king ass. I like how even a robot stands no chance against the lethal superhuman known as Bruce Lee. Thank you so much for this most excellent post.
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hehehe... You Craaazeeee, BUT thank you very much, glad you dig the piece! :)
TheMarCsMaN13's avatar
nice, it does look like him
Great illustration, man!
Wapow! You're too cool.
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Haha! I do believe nothing else needs to be said. What markers did you use?
Chuckdee's avatar
this was done at a Con a while back, so it might have just been Sharpies (thin ones too).
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you make the great work here!!!! i'm love it . very good expression and fantastisc pose too!!!! congratulations. atatatatatatatatata waaaatatatatataat!!!!!!!!!!
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too big muscles for Bruce Lee
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Its sick , I love it
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