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Not only did the anime blow my mind when I was in high school, BUT then I saw the comic and it HIT my brain like a ton of bricks..... OTOMO is NOT human!!! ... this comic pretty much changed the way I though about comics and how much you can push their scope.... in my opinion, AKIRA is the best comic series ever made.

... oh yeah, and this is my humble attempt at drawing Kaneda!
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This is FELLA -The Biting Pear of Salamanca (Badges) AMAZING work...and AKIRA is the best!
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great artwork!
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this is awesome! nice background! and details!
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my fav. anime movie of all time.

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I keep hearing how much awesome the manga is... I'll have to hit that up after seeing this :headbang:
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dude, this is freaking epic, you have mad skills!!!
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Really good, theres an americanization (hope that's how its said) but dont interrupt the final result.
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I know what you mean! :) ... and thank you very much, glad you dig!
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not only daddy yankee and tom
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Absolutely love it!!!!!
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Wow dude your style.
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Amazing Work :D
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beautiful :hug:
what is that ? behind the back
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a laser rifle! :)
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KICK ASS ANIME MOVIE EVER!! wat a unforgettable movie, specially the end wer Tetsuo body deform squishing Kaori, yeesh, but great job bring back childhood memories
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I love Akira as well, beautiful drawing...I actually discovered the comics before the Anime came out when Epic first started to serialize them in the western colour versions and it was amazing, a dark SF masterpiece. I remember when I first saw the movie my only caveat was how much of the incredible comic story was truncated and I would still love to see a multi part adaptation. Unfortunately, it seems more likely hollywood will drop a giant stool on the property, why anyone anywhere near that place even holds the rights is really vexing...Neo Manhattan (groooaaan)

Anyway great drawing and great work in general, I was wondering who did the character designs when I saw the gallery in Arkham 1.
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This is the best discription of AKIRA i have seen!

I agree 100000%! Amazingly drawn!!
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NO WAY! How could I miss this one I love Akira my nickname where I use to live was and still is AKIRA. Shotaro Kaneda never looked so good.
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Stunning detail, you do Otomo proud!
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.... single tear running down my cheek....hahaha, thank you very much!
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