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10,000 Days



Arggghhhhh... this is what happens when I listen to damn TOOL at 3 in the morning!!! I had this piece stuck in my head, and had been meaning to 'get it out', so "why the hell not do it tonight since I got some time" I though... that was three of four hours ago, and now I am wide awake!!!

...anyway, 10,000 days is one of my all-time favorite albums, and the theological aspect of Maynard's songs is probably the main draw to TOOL's albums for me.... so this here is kinda' sorta inspired by the 'feeling' I get from that album.... it's an Angel, but a pre-Christianity Angel :) ... purposely a bit on the scary-side and definitely inspired by Adam Jones and Alex Grey imagery as well.
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I want to summon this in a fantasy RPG game. Guardian Force style. :D
Awesome work!