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The Most METAL Showdown of All Time

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Published: November 6, 2013
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That would be Sigmar from Warhammer and the Emperor of Mankind from Warhammer 40k!! Granted, I know literally nothing about these universes but in doing this piece I got to reading about it and it's characters and it seems totally insane!!! 

I went with a more cartoony painted kinda style for this one, I like the result. I also wanted to throw a Halloween kinda vibe in there as well because time did not permit me to make a proper Halloween piece. I wish I could have been these dudes for Halloween, that would have been awesome!!

As it was, my Halloween was a tad balls. Maybe that's my fault, I dunno. I'm gonna go all out next year tho. DON"T LISTEN TO MY GIRLFRIEND, I AM TOO, SHE DON't KNOW ME. .  .  .  She does, I probably won't.

Enjoy! thank you for looking!

Drawn and painted with photoshop cs5 , wacom 15x and intuos tablets
Image size
3000x2028px 1.06 MB
Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 Windows
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This action DOES have my consent. As long as Siggy wins, anyway! :P
What is more badass? Slaying a demon using power armour and a giant laser cannon, or slaying that same demon using a steel sword and a breastplate?
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ChandraneelHobbyist General Artist
Really nice!!!
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Bro. I need your help. I made a horrible error on my behalf. I made a post for a game idea recently and I was scrolling for a picture than I decided to check my Gallery to see if I can use anything at all and I saw your picture I downloaded (Which is badass) from 2013 all those years ago (And me being an idiot, it was from Deviantart but I forgotten) and I was like "Oh this picture is cool and carry the basic game idea concept post I made so I should use it." Big Mistake! People think I drew it and forgot to make the post to here. I did not mean this to happen at all. I'm am sorry for my accidental mistake and clarifying it as much as possible. I posted the link it but I do not think all of the people are reading the actual thing I written. I could use your help to help me clarify the issue at hand. So sorry for my mistake and I hope I can make it up to you and not mad at me for being a idiot for to linking you. I did not mean to steal and people have posted it in group thing pictures which is not want I wanted! I just wanted to post games ideas. This is not I expected to happen. Have a good day, keep drawing and being awesome, and I am very sorry for being so stupid.

Edit: Also I do not check the deviant art account all that often so I could have stopped the initial push but I was busy with other things. I am very sorry still.

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ChuckARTTHobbyist Digital Artist

Lol no worries bro, it sounds like you fixed it so no harm no foul :)

so long as you can link to me now or whatever it’s all good :)

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Thank you man. No hard feelings. I have a question. Do you think I can have your help with help fleshing out my game idea? Just making it sound better and coming up with ideas? You do not have to though.

i think big E will win!
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very impressive work :ahoy:
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Here apparently friendly sparring)) If the Emperor loses - will present his armor to Sigmar)
But what if Sigmar is lost... mmm... nothing funny comes to mind(
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You know, Sigmar may be a much better character the Empy, by far, but this isn't going to end well for him.
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I think they rather loo at each other, get ready... and then turn and beat the shit out of the chaos gods who are watching in the background munching on popcorn. "Not as Planned'
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for someone who does not know much about the lore this is an amazing artwork!
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...Totally insane seems an understatement! lol
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KingsOfShadowHobbyist General Artist
Shit just got real! This is awesome!
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Spoiler alert! They're actually fighting for similar reasons as when the Emperor fought Leman Russ.
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hmsnikeHobbyist General Artist
For funsies?
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This is the greatest thing I have ever seen!! :) 
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i love the hammer. but the emperor would fry his brain with his awesome mind powers long before they got this close;)
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right on the money!
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svesamikreteniHobbyist Traditional Artist
If this were any more metal, it would be considered HERESY! But like this, the Chaplains approve
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Nulledmaser Artisan Crafter
everybody knows they wouldn't fight, they would be bro's 4 lifeeeee
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No, The Emperor wouldn't approve of how Sigmar worked with Dwarves or Elves. 
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It has been suggested that Sigmar is a lost Primarch, or that the Old World of Warhammer Fantasy is a feudal world/feral world somewhere in the WH40K galaxy, back when there was still rumored, tentatively canonical link between Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40000.

If so, at least it could potentially allow this to happen...
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