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Tali commission

By ChuckARTT
Thank you to for the positive vibes on my new youtube video!!

A recent Tali commission! It's always cool to get a commission for a character you've always wanted to take a crack at :D

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Hell yeah! My favorite female alien all around as a party member in the Normandy. Tali has got it all from brains to beauty. As long as she doesn't have a butterface like Mileena from Mortal Kombat then she is a perfect 10 in my opinion. Her voice is so intoxicating and pleasant to hear. If only Bioware had done a better job with finally revealing her face. Just wow! I am so glad you drew Tail so well and captured everything that makes her such a memorable character.

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with a body like that... who needs a face

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Your work is very good.
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I love it! Amazing
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I've sat here for an extensively long period of time, trying to fully sum up how much I adore this work, and I can't seem to fully express it. First, Tali is one of my favorite characters of all time and you have recreated her basic design beautifully. Then you up it by using a warm color pallet to really bring out the patterns of her suit and the shading across her body. Then you gave her what I can only describe as the perfect Tali pose: one hand on hip showing her confident/slightly sassy side, and the other by her cheek to show off that she's still oh so adorable. Then to top it off, we have a rich and warming sunset behind her with brushstrokes that seem to melt.
This. Is. Gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing this will all of us <3
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Thank you very much for the thoughtful comment!! It should be said that the commissioner decided on the pose, but thank you and I'm glad you enjoyed the piece!! :D

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Something about this screams "Classy AF" and I can't stop looking...

With Tali, it captured my interest. Your style, got my attention! <3

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Amazing work!
Do you have a page where I can find your commission information?
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Absolutly beautiful I must say.
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This is excellent work. Although I am biased because Tali is my space waifu.
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I can confirm it's excellent, and i'm more of a Jack fan. 
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Jack's character arc is really nice too.
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This literally inspired me out of a creative funk. Love it. It's gorgeous.
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Thats friggin awesome!!! I'm glad to hear it :D

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Awesome illustration!
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Tali is love. Tali is life.
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Gorgeous! I'd love to commission you sometime to draw my Quarian character.
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Yo sounds cool!

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