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Samurai Wolvie

By ChuckARTT
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Another comish for Paul Martinez! I've done a lot of work with this guy over the years and I'm pretty satisfied with how this turned out.  This is from last month's Patreon pack and will be the last one I'll be posting here. You can find the pack on Gumroad for those interested

I'm hoping in the background is the kangi for warrior or samurai or .  .  .  strong person? I dunno, hopefully I'm in the ballpark. 

MAN if you haven't read The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August DO SO NOW!!!! If this doesn't get turned into a movie I'll be really surprised. Damn damn good book. 

If you'd like to get access to: 

                     Exclusive Patreon Only Work including finished work and colored sketches

                     NSFW Art trust me, this stuff isn't coming to deviant art ( my mom still looks at my page, yo! :O (Eek) )

                     Process Shots which show the piece being developed

                     Photoshop Files to help give a little insight into my work

                    Brush Sets why use yours when you can use mine?? ;D
                    Videos from sketching to finished piece!

Please consider taking a look at my Patreon! Thank you!!…

Drawn and colored with Photoshop cs5 and my Wacom Companion. 
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I'm confused. Who did this piece, you or Sandoval-Art ?
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Oh i think i see what happened. The guy I did the piece for, Paul, he gets a lot of commission work done. Sometimes he has an artist basically redraw something another artist already did. He's had me do that to a couple pieces. Regarding this piece, he did give me piece by another artist ( not Sandoval, and not that picture. ) to use as reference for the pose and design of armor, but I ended up changing it a bit.

Paul might have shown mine to sandovol to redraw in his style, because he does stuff like that, But I did not see or use sandovals version as reference. 
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What sort of NSFW work will you be having on your patreon dude?
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cool what great pic of wolverine samurai is superawesome and fantastic ¡wolverine rules! is one great work congratulations friend:D:)
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you've done a great joB :)
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This is incredible! Nice work.
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Mmmm I think I will test your Gumroad just for that one xp (if it's included of course).
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What a perfect rendition of Wolverine
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oo killed it dude!

I did a black and white one sometime last year.

Was fun
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Hah yeah, I've seen alot of them. I saw that piece you did and I was like whoa thats awesome! I think that's one of the cooler aspects of this kind of fandom. Like you see a bunch of people take on one specific subject or character. This one dude I saw at SDCC a while ago had a whole sketchbook of artists versions of himself! It was really cool, you got to see so many crazy idea and skillsets. 
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It's refreshing and often times gets your motivated to explore other aspects or styles
you wouldn't previously consider.

Great stuff with this though, mate.
Knocked it out!
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Killer pose, style, and colours!
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Great colors, super saturated without being garish or clashing. Good work!
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Dude, this is so freaking awesome! Love it so much. :D
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Great work man.
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