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So I did this for the awesome folks over at and there it is!

I'm sorry I didn't have any Halloween pics, but it's been that kind of year. Stay tuned!
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Impressive, Stunning, Cool, and Deadly Artwork!!! :impressed: ApocalipticFaint - Stunned Llama Emoji-48 (I'm Cool with Mah Sunglasses) [V2] HUNTER Soldier fella (Works) :headbang::squee::popcorn::clap:Daisy claps

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Suppressing fire indeed.
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LOL @ title  :XD:

Such awesome art, btw!
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Badass, and fantastic! 
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Love this.. the feel, the look. 
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This is a very minor thing to bring up, because this is awesome work, but the bricks on the corner are wrong.
They will always have one long side and one short side around the corner, you have them being two long sides, then the next brick two short sides :)
I doubt anyone but me will notice! 
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The gunner is done nicely, but I have gripes about almost everything else. I'm not a professional artist, but I can tell you what a layman sees in it that's weird. Inbox me.
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Cool as, reminds me of F.E.A.R. for some reason... The first one, I mean. Sweet.
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Sick painting! I really love the colors and all the little details.

Also Lol, Kevin Bacon. Love how the title progresses into nonsense, haha.
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Stunning work dude ;)
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love how you did the brick wall man. excellent work as always!
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A great concept art for a promissing concept. They are lucky to benefit of your pen.
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