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Old but not bad

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Ahem, anyway, I have one thing in common with barney stinson, that being, NEWER IS BETTER!!! New art is good, old art is bad. You might be like " well what about"- shut up. It's bad.

Sistine Chapel? Eye sore. 

Michelangelo's David? Hello?? Can someone say STRING BEAN?! I'm actually starting a petition to get ole Davey taken out and a statue of Chris Hemsworth in.


And if all those were jokes then the serious bit is the bit that pertains to my art. Don't tell me you like my old stuff. I will roll you up in a carpet and then roll you up in another carpet until your inside so many carpets that you don't even know WHAT the hell is going on. Ok?

Anyway what I'm getting at is: this is old. Which goes against my rule, but I still like it so here ya go!

I think It was actually one of the first pieces of Faye I ever did and, yeah, Ok the perspective is pretty wonky and it's kinda messy, but- c'mon, let the dream live, yeah? Also if your gonna ask where the hell she could be going dressed like that, I don't know. I just don't goddamn know.

Can I get real for a sec? Can someone call the red cross on this holiday season because it's a total freaking disaster. Why in god's name would you buy a ps4 or Xbone? There's nothing out for them and more than that, there's nothing worth a damn PLANNED for them? Thief? Comes out on ps3. Darksouls 2 ? Ps3.  Face it people, we've hit the graphics ceiling. To make games look any better would take manzillions of dollars. And even then, it would just be call of duty's.   

Thank god for the new Hobbit movie or else I'd just wrap myself up in a carpet and die.
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Not bad. Wery hot
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I love this picture, so many details and the coloring is brilliant! Spot on! :D Can't go wrong with a goth chic, dat plushie and those bands odo 
It's so awesome-ful!!!  XD I also love the humor you put into your description. LOL! 
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Ensiferum and In Flames FTW! Didn't realize you were a metalhead too.
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The facial recognition software in my head says the face rings a bell but the archives don't have any relevant data.
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Wow! I love this one!
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I love this picture, but it seems pretty low resolution. deviantART lists the details of a much larger version, but there's no download link for it. Confused :(
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Absolutely love this one.
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Very nice Goth girl!  :thumbsup:
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I don't think a girl like that would be into famous star... just sayin
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It's a good thing you posted this one, looks great. Einsferum \m/
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I love the Gir plushie on top of the set of drawers.
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Amazing artwork and the GIR doll in the background is PRICELESS.
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Goth babe with a Gir plush toy and an Ensiferum sticker... Coolest. Chick. Ever! :D lol
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Ensiferum <3~

and Lacuna Coil :D

I thought the In Flames symbol was Eluveitie's Triskel XD~

Awesome, the girl is gorgeous :)
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Where was this girl when I was in my 20s? <3

Love her taste in music ;D.
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You get older do you become better artist?
Does art become something more in the future? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?
Don't be so hard...
Artistry is fabulous :-) Cheers
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Amazing art !
and love that gir is there :P
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Haha, whenever you release a Faye piece, I feel like the initial conversation between you and Kane went something like, "You want me to draw WHAT?!? No! I don't to trans... how much? Alright, but I'm filling the descriptions with gibberish so my fans don't ask too many questions." :D
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