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really like the simplification in the shadows!!

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It is a damn shame Capcom hasn't bought back the classic DMC1 Dante attire into both DMC4:SE and DMC5:SE. It has only made a return in both DMC2 and DMC3:SE. This artwork of many people favorite pizzing eating, guns a blazing, wise cracking, and take no prisoners demon hunter by the of Dante easily earns the SSS rank. Jackpot!

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Absolutely wonderful work! Looks awesome!

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Great work. Love the style with this.

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nice stylized dante

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Lookin slick indeed! Great pose and the red colors look great
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He doesn't look sick, he looks perfectly healthy! Whatcha talkinbout?!? lol

Awesome job Chuck!

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Lol thanks man!

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I like how you did the sinister eye gleam effect on this guy.

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That background tho

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Thank you! I wanted it to convey the movement

Every single piece that you post, I always say to myself, “Damn! That’s freaking cool!”, before I look at the artists name.

Then I realize it was done by you and I’m not surprised. All of your art is absolutely amazing. Keep doing what you do, it is most excellent.
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Lol that’s such a great thing to hear!! I’ll continue to try my best

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