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Castlevania 3

a spicier version is available on my Patreon! :patreon: 

Well maybe other folks have a different favorite Castlevania, but this one was where it all started for a fat little 6 year old in 1991. And if you're saying to yourself " chuck, SNES came out in 1991, what were you doing playing NES" all I'll say is: my parents knew a simple rule of parenting : why buy the the hot new thing when your kid doesn't know it exists. 

I hope you guys like it, it took a while, but I'm pretty happy with it and the NSFW version too. This is also gonna be the first piece I'm gonna be doing a video breakdown of and posting on youtube so look out for that. 

Those asking about commissions and streaming, I'm gonna be putting out a video update about my current plans and all that's going on! Also, thank you to those that showed up for my impromptu Sat stream, once we got going I had a friggin blast and I'm gonna be doing it again this Friday and Sat starting at 10pm and going to god only knows when. 


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Trevor reminds me of Reinhardt Schneider from Castlevania 64.

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Ah yes. The specific Castlevania title Netflix has chosen to focus on for their te imagining of the classic NES title. It is a shame that as with the Netflix Castlevania series, you have forfotten about Grant De Nasty, the pirate who can climb up walls and conpletely avoid ground enemies while reach areas the other three cannot access. As a simple man, I do appreciate you making Sypha drop dead goregous. There is no ambiguity as to the gender of this mage.

Trevor has the Vampire Killer in hand, ready to tear apart Dracula's minions as he poses so menacingly on a cliff. Finally Alucard there is ready to lend his help to Trevor and Sypha his help. I never completed Castlevania 3 on the NES, but I did own a copy of the title. This image you have drawn with such precision,skill, and talent is excellent. Outstanding work.

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I love the composition of this piece and your Batman Forever piece as well. I'm creating my own book and it has 5 or 6 main characters in a group. I was wondering what a cover piece such as the two I mentioned would cost? I saw your rates on your main page so I assume it could range in price? Please let me know. I'll shoot you an email as well. Thank you

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This is quite nice

awesome work! don't forget visit my work

Thank u!

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A most epic piece dude!
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I first started with the fourth game. But it was that game that made me wanna play the others. This is my favorite game series of all...
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4 is a great place to start. Imo it’s the best of the classic style cv game, but yeah, the whole series is pretty rad

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Reminds of that video game from back in the
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EPIC Castlevania 3 music plays in my head!
Awesome work on this piece
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Fantastic ! :) (Smile) 
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I always enjoy how you hue shift your lights and darks between warms and colds. Great work! 
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Yo thanks man :)

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Castlevania 3 looks like a cool game. I think it seems more interesting in some ways than Symphony of the Night. I haven't played either though.
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Imo its the best Cv of it’s generation. SOTN is my favorite overall tho

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Magnificent work!  :heart:
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Very nice [Emote] Jack-'o-Lantern Heart Eyes Black Heart Emoji devil ok
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👏  👏  👏👏👏👏👏 I’m not a fan of Castlevania but dammit this looks AWESOME! And more streams! I’m there! 
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