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Strawberry Shortcake lip art

By Chuchy5
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Strawberry Shortcake lip art

I'm back!!!!:aww:
I'm very busy these months, so I beg your patience. I'll be back with more lip and eye art for you as soon as possible.

This is my interpretation of the funny Strawberry Shortcake lips.
I used red lipstick and tons of strawberry gloss,lol! So, you can see it (but I can taste it too!:aww:)

Hope you like it!!!!
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Nov 7, 2012, 4:26:45 PM
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I love your work! I hope you carry on with this work! I've seen your lemon lip art and your kiwi as well. This is beautiful photography, I see your inspiration. It's easy to see and I never seen anything like it! Also all the gloss and work makes it pop out off the screen! The strawberries look so real! Although, it seems you have a little pigment on your teeth. I feel it doesn't matter so this is still a 5 star vision. I hope you continue, and I hope that you blossom in photography. Have fun and bye!
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Very nice, I really like it. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/> I like how you spaced the strawberries, and the whipped cream is a nice touch, makes it look very cute. There's nothing wrong, except for where you have just a dot of lip gloss on your teeth, but that happens to all of us sooner or later. On the top lip there's a couple little spots that aren't smoothed out like the bottom lip, and it looks like there is some lip gloss on one of the strawberries, and on the whipped cream. Other than that, it's amazing. Very beautiful. Added it to my favourites. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/> ^-^
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I like the idea. It's a good idea, it just needs a little work.
To begin on what I like, I like the little fluff of whipped cream. That is very cute. I like the red color too. I also admire the way you spaced the strawberries. It's good to have the whole "piece" balanced like you did.
Now there are some flaws. First, the little smudges of deep crimson lipgloss on those two strawberries on your bottom lip and on the cream don't really 'work'. Also, you have a little tiny bit lipgloss in your teeth ^u^" I understand that part though. We all get lipstick in our teeth sometimes. The last thing is that on your top lip, the lipstick isn't smoothed.
That would be it! Keep up your good work anyway! <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":-)" title=":-) (Smile)"/>
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i agree with you completely except the part about the top lip not being smoothed out, in my opinion it made it look more strawberry-like. As if she took strawberries and actually put the juice (w/ a bit of the fruit) on her lips. I dont know but it makes it look more strawberryish and fruit-like. lol however i didn't even notice the lipgloss on the teeth >.< well, we all do that eventually...
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Now that you mention it, that top lip does make it look more "natural" and strawberry-like I suppose. Good point! :)
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haha no problem >.<
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I love ur lip art! ♥♥
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what are the little strawberry slices made of? strawberries r my favorite fruit~ ^u^
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They're FIMO slices
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I love strawberry!!!!!:D
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My little sis is a huge fan of this pic. Well done! :D :wow:
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I would love to have that taste on my lips at all times. Who needs food?
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love these, did you make the strawberries yourself? the gloss really makes it seem like juicy fruit!
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