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Jafar Agrabah Lips

By Chuchy5
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Jafar Agrabah Lips

A couple of days ago I wore "Ombré lips", a black-red gradient on my lips. And when I arrived home before removing my make up, I thought :"This reminds me to Jafar...but it needs something more..." And that's when I had the crazy idea of drawing a kind of Agrabah view in my lips...That was crazy and horrible!!!! I decided to do only the silhouette, because it was very difficult!!!!
Probably one of the most difficults desings that I've done... (please...remind me not do this again,lol!)

I used red lipstick over my entire lips and then I aplied black eyepencil on my outter corners and blend it with my fingers to make it more messy. Then I draw (for three times) the silhouette with liquid eyeliner and a nailart brush.

Hope you like it as always!!!!:heart:
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And Yes im back with another Critique,This is stunning. The blurred look to the edges of your lips and the dark red and black stand out but not to much as the shadow of agrabah stands out against the red,clear as it can be making it look very wonderful ,dark and enticing.This really does remind me of Jafar from Aladdin, and i think its the smudging of the black to make it 'rough and messy' Gives it the Jafar look,which is pumped up even more with the palace. Wondrous work earns a five out of five yet again. So Seriously.
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Since you requested a critique I'm glad to write my opinions.

This seem a great idea, but the major flaw here is that the "Arab town" is obviously photoshopped, because of the unfitting behaviour on the lips, and the color burn/overlay makes it move obvious, notice the highlights on the middle lips just where the city is overlayed, the highlights is a violet lighting, and the pure black sides of the lip has a clean gloss effect. Thats because the overlay ruined the lighting.

I would highly suggest get a magnifying glass and paint it yourself!
That would make it perfectly realistic.
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I can't fair your critique because my desing is not photoshopped...the diferent on the colors is because the corners are made with black eyepencil with vaseline on top and the draw is done with liquid eyeliner and when it is dry, it becames more matte.
I'd wish you ask me before make a judgment, because it took me a lot of time and effort.
Hope you understand my position... Thank you anyways.
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My bad. Cheers!
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Don't worry! And thank you for taking your time :aww:
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I should.
It's a big mistake talking about you don't know, I should be more careful next time.
Cheers :)
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Aladin were always my favorite disney movie, but Ilike it even more after seeing thisHeart Heart Love 
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1000 Arabian nights stole my heart with these lips! O___O
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This one's amazing! :omfg:
One of my favourites... :heart:
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IHAVE a question;
Your Camera is AWESUM
what brand/type ect is it? i'm just really curious
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wow this looks FABULAAAAS :iconfabulousplz:! keeping it to the silhouette was genius! so dark and so mysterious! and with the red-blood sky in the background makes it so villainous! An instant picture of jafar came to my head. simply amAAAAzing .... *i have no words* :iconlaplz:
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But I have a question do u like but on the lipstick then just go to places wearing that? Or just put it on then take the pic take it off then put on normal lipstick then go to places?
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I never went out with my desings...I only wear some gradient desings...but I usually put on my normal nude lipstick =D
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Yeah, because then some people might be like what is she wearing?
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Hahaha! I can imagine it...:wow:
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Out of curiosity, do you do anything special to make the lip art last longer? Nice work!
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I don't do anything special :aww: because I take the photo and after that I remove all the makeup
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Aaah, OK then! :)
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did you actually do this to your lips?
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Oooooohhhh, I really LIKE that!! That is soooo beautiful, ESPECIALLY in contrast to white skin. Very lovely!
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THis is amazing, although it mayn have took ages it was def worth it!!!
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