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Cookie Monster Lip Art

Cookies!!!!! OMM NOM NOM NOM!!!! :rofl:

This is the return of my lip arts!!!!Hope you like it!!!!:aww:
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Aug 6, 2013, 4:44:23 PM
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The idea itself is lovely and the way you implemented it is even more lovelier! Lets start with the little cookies - I like the fact that the look so detailled and I wonder of which material they were made off - or are they even real little cookies?
Now about the lipe pose: I like it that you lightly opened your mouth so we can already see some of your teeth and some of the cookies could already begin to vanish inside your mouth so it looks as if you really started to eat them. Very realistic!
The light blue is absolutelly fitting in here - I love it!
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I not only love this photo, but also the skills it took to create it! This is just the right shade of blue, and it's so evenly applied that no lip color is showing through, and not only that, but the lips have still kept their texture. So often lips can become flat and dull when color is applied, but here the lips' texture shows through super well. Aldo the mini cookies are so well crafted! Normally one would think of just one regular sized cookie, but having all these little cookies actually emphasizes the theme of this shot even more. All around creativity and imagination in this creation!!
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Wait, you did this!?!?! I remember seeing this on pinterest or something and thought is was genius (still is!) I love how the cookies are falling out of the mouth...or into. Can't tell. ;P
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how did you do the cookie
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Love this one as well :) 
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Thank you very very much!!!!:aww:
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You're very welcome :) 
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Oh God!!! so delicious *-----*
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Thank you very much! And also for the watch :)
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Hey Eva I was wondering if I could please receive written authorization from you to use this image in a custom made calendar that I'm making on I have been working on this project for 2 weeks now, and want to give this as a gift to my girlfriend for our anniversary! I am not licensing this, mass producing it, or trying to sell it. Please get back to me ASAP

I would REALLY appreciate getting your written permission by emailing and in the subject heading put:

Case Number:  CAS-363804-F5Y1C7 
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I'm so sorry but my work can't be used in a website like that...they catch the pictures and do other desings selling them. The photo would be included on their database...I'm so sorry but all my pictures are copyrighted and all the rights reserved.
Hope you understand it.
Good luck with the gift and all the best

It's not going to be used on the website and they're not going to keep the picture in their database I can assure you of that. I'm simply going to use it in my calendar and that's it if you want confirmation that they will delete your image after creating my calendar then I can provide you with that as well.They will not be selling your image in any way shape or form and neither will I so I don't know why you think that. They only sell images by people who create their own original images they cannot sell other people's images without their consent.

Please help me out here because this is an anniversary gift and it would mean a LOT.

Thank you.
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I really sorry but I had so many problems in the past with those kind of websites and if I let you use it...I'd must let everybody who ask me for this sort of things.
Please understand me. There're a lot of images that you could use...but this image in mine and I have to protect my work because I spend so much time on making it.
All the best.
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Me want cookiePsychotic 

Hi, just wanting to let you know I saw this photo on an ad for Herpes on facebook.  They may be using this without permission.  I can't figure out how to upload a screenshot to this comment, here is the tinypic link
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I know it!thank you very much...i'm trying to know who is the director of the web so I can write him a mail...
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Some random facebook spammer is using this image for a herpes ad :/
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Cute! How did you make the cookies?
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You eating my cookie!Cookie Monster Emote Cookie Monster Cookie Chase 2 <<<<< I love how you made ze cute cookies!
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How did you do the cookies?cereal or was it that nail art stuff that is 3-d i hope you know what i'm talking about because if you don't then that leaves 2 of us
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This is soooo cute! I love it!
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