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Very magical and sexy. :love:
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Awensome Job on her, I loved it
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impresionante mae lo felicito tiene mucho talento!!
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He there CHUBETO.
It's me, Alex Desoto.
I'm the guy who sent you that comment two months ago.
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hi alex, well, I guess they already did that with nightwing, in the young justice cartoon, and well they got canceled so freaking hard, so I think that ,doing that, in the comics, may lead to nightwing solo comic, to cancellation lol just kidding, any way your idea would be fun, thanks for the comment dude!
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Hey there CHUBETO. I'm WOLFWATCHER12, but my friends call me Alex.
You know, I've been thinking that they should make a reboot of the Nightwing comics.
only have Dick Grayson be at the age of 18, and when things don't work out with him and Barbra, Zatanna comes and decides to be his new girlfriend.
What do you think of that?
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Damn, those thighs would give Chun Li a run for her money XD

Nice work anyway
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pero que cool!!!!
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boy am I wishing to be Nightwing now XDDDD awesome work
I'm diggin it!
She's one of my favorites and you did her justice!
No pun intended.
Keep it up sir!
You see Justice league:DOOM yet?
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yes I saw it! it was so cool! the cyborg design was epic and Star Sapphire was hot as hell! :D, DC animation always delivers.
I really dug it!
I have to say though, I wish they chose better villains.
We need a good representation of Deathstroke in one of these movies. He could've taken Bane's place.
But overall I get why Bane was there.
Good flick overall!
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Como siempre, gran trabajo!!!
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You've got a hot style!
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Those legs are exquisite!
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Great Job Chubeto !!!! Damn.
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Love Zatanna's design. Love the colours. Love the pose. Well done!!!
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woooow!!!!! pues disculpame. hermano pero, me la voy a llevar a mis favoritos!!!!!!!
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