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Batman movie rogues

some of them...
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I would like to see Scarecrow and Poison Ivy with that Burtonian feeling. As the main villains of a third Batman movie by Tim Burton, it could have been monstrously epic ! Afterwards I just say my opinion on what could have been the third film and that concerns only me, but here I am not a big fan of the Riddler and of Two Face and I was not it when I saw them in Batman Forever.

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They're all great but I especially like Joker and Penguin here :D

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The nose, the chin, those burns, that chest hair. Unmistakable. 
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incredible. I love the "Burtonian" feeling 
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Que se siente ser tan talentoso, chubeto? :aww: :worship:
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no se que se siente ser talentoso,
pero si se que se siente cuando me dices
que lo soy, se siente muy bonito, muchas gracias anya,
te mando un abrazote !!! :)
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That Joker is fab.
No slouch on the others, but that Joker is the truth.
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I dont know how you're not doing Big Animation or Comic Projects. Your talent is extraordinary 
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you are so kind my friend,
but I have a lot to learn, it's not my time yet.
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Fascinating job with these villains.
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Excellent reinterpretation. Well done. 
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Awesome!  :heart:

Devito and Nicholson had some of the best lines ... though I do remember Pfeiffer being able to pull off the use of the whip in that one scene in one take, something that was said is a difficult move, one masters have to wrk hard to pull off.  :heart:
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Have I told you how awesome your Tim Burton Renditions of these classic Rogues are? Cause, THEY HARD!!
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Man I really wished Tim Burton made Batman Continues. Robin Williams as The Riddler and Billy Dee Williams as Two Face, it could of been perfect.
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