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Nine year old Juliet was walking in the woods one day when she came across a hole in the ground. The hole was just big enough to slip into. The only thing that made her hesitant was the sign posted next to it:

Warning: do not enter!

Juliet wasn't a girl who followed rules. So she went into it. It was the entrance to a long tunnel. She traveled along the path until reaching a huge room. A room with tables stacked with lots of yummy things to eat. Anything you could imagine was there. Every fattening food ever made.

Juliet started to drool. She walked quickly over to one of the tables and was about to eat, when she saw another sign:

Warning: do not eat!

Once again, Juliet completely ignored the sign and began to eat. About 2 hours later, Juliet had finished the first table. She had already eaten so much. Her little pink dress was a little tight. Yet Juliet didn't feel any more full. So she moved on to the next table.

Juliet went to the next table, and began eating. Another 2 hours later, Juliet had finished that table. Her fatter frame now pressed tightly against her dress. Juliet was feeling a little full, but she was so greedy that she wouldn't let herself stop. She moved on to the next table.

2 tables later Juliet was too stuffed to eat any more. Her pink dress was practically choking her now. Juliet heaved herself up and started to undress, when she heard a noise:


She looked down. Her dress had torn, revealing fleshy fat. Juliet realized what had happened. She tried to get up, but she quickly lost balance due to her increased weight. She got up and ran as fast as she could to the entrance hole. Her belly wobbled up and down as she ran. She was almost through when she stopped. She couldn't fit through because of her increased weight.

She kept trying to get through, when she heard a voice.

"I don't think so."

Juliet was pushed down from the hole by a magical force.

"Why do you want to leave? This is a magical place with an unlimited supply of food. Stay. Eat. Be fat."

Juliet was in a daze. She knew she was full... but... she was hungry for more!

She ran over to another table and began to noisily eat the food. She ate and ate. More and more tables were consumed. Eventually Juliet could eat no more. She had reached her limit and was so fat she could no longer move.

"Immobility reached. Come dear, come to your new home. We will keep you very well fed."

Juliet was rolled into a secret passage in the wall by and invisible force. Then, all the food reappeared in the big room, waiting for it's next victim.
Moral: read signs, dummy! lol
AvocadoAfro Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Kinda creepy...
PIG-0149 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014
I think more might have been done here.  Too short.
BBWonder Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Cool. You should do more stories.
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