Before You Fall

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It seems to me
That no one cares
About butterflies
Or silent cries

A little girl
Says she can’t swim
They only frown
They don’t care ‘til she drowns

I slip into
The dark, murky water
But I can’t float
In this bottomless moat

A little boy of nine
Said he couldn’t run
They pushed him anyways
But they cried when his lungs decayed

My pace is slackening
You see me struggle for the end
Or are your blinders tight?
Or can’t you see me fight?

A little girl
Was told to jump up high
“But I can’t!” she cried
As they bent the meaning of “try”
To succeed or die!
She jumped
And fell…
No one saw her slip
And no one saw her reach
That is until they shouted “More!”
And her lifeless body
Hit the floor…
You ever notice how no one cares until you snap? Until you break down? That's when everyone cares...
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Hmm.. Now that I think about it, that is totally true... Like with my parents. They didn't give a crap about my depression until it went to far and I cut myself enough that I could have died from bloodloss. -Now- they care. :\
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Yeah... Or how if I mention the whole "pill" thing to anyone other than you, no one cares. They just shrug it off, which makes me wonder if I should really stop...
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Just stop. If you keep doing that, things could really get bad. I don't want you getting hurt, because like you said, noone cares until you snap. Until it's too late.. And you could really get hurt by then.. Stop before it happens. Please?
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Meh, I'll try... But I dunno... Just for you, and Zea... (more you than Zea)...
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