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Nothing too revealing, but the My Little Pony team has been doing great with new expressions!

This is a screen shot of the leaked episode, "Hearts and Hooves Day" of Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo making a frightened face.

No wonder Sweetie Belle and Rarity are sisters... THEIR HAIR IS JUST A NIGHTMARE TO VECTOR!!

What are they afraid of? You'll just have to wait till Saturday!

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My Little Pony (c) The Hub & Hasbro
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:rofl: at their expressions!
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they must be looking at Rarity's porn stash..
my icon explains this perfectly. ;D;
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this is why it's important to delete your search history periodically, so young fillies don't see things they shouldn't.
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Yep, pretty much!
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Sweetie belle: Rarity? What are you doing with that big pink thingy?
Rarity: GET OUT!
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Thier Faces Are Priceless
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They possible found out what was in Rarity's diary, a lot of overly romantic fluff.
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Their reaction to a shipping of them.
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omfg THIS. ALL MY THIS. XD love this xD lol
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They found the porn! The horror shall forever be burned into their brains!
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:lmao: Their reaction to CheerileeXBig Mac! :la:
great drawing!!!!
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chubbeh ..this is amazing OUO i cant draw a pony to save my life xD and i dunno if you remember me oAo
ChubbyBunny56's avatar
I remember your username... It's on the tip of my tongue... I'm just trying to remember how I know you Dx
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it starts with a K :D
ChubbyBunny56's avatar
Ahhh don't make me guess! xDD
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and i just read the description and feel stupid but still the ponies you do draw are awesomesauce
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