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I've put 2 of my games on Steam Greenlight:
CAFE 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~…
dUpLicity ~Beyond the Lies~…

Maybe some of you have wondered why I have no new games lately. 
Actually I'm stuck at Kyoto right now, because I need to accompany my dad who got an accident at March 2014. He need to go through a long rehabilitation since the injury made him fully paralyzed at first.
He is much better now and can move a bit, yet it seems I'll still be stuck here until Oct or Nov, and that means I can't access my main computer within that period :(

I'm preparing 2 new games actually, a new CAFE 0 and a new otome game. Although because of my current condition, both of them might not be released so soon. I'm trying my best to release the otome game within this year but I can't promise it yet. I won't draw the sprites for both games btw. I asked Bakufu for the otome, and for the new CAFE 0, I can't announce the illustrator yet since I'm still in discussion with her. Maybe I'll only ask her to draw the rough because I can't afford her if I ask her to draw all of the sprites and CGs ^^;

Anyway, please help to upvote to see both of the games on Steam :)
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