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nintendo lolicon card

By chtkghk
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why are you calling child characters lolicon, you freak 
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One in the top middle is so pretty. ^_^
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wait... these are all my favorite nintendo characters... does that me lolicon or them lolicon? :o (Eek) 
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Don't worry. You're not alone on that part. :iconsatoshismirkplz:
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YAY! Someone made Drill Dozer fan art!!!!
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I love how you included KatxAna and Ashley, and the girl from Drill Dozer ~
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Hey Ana!

and that jerk from Kirby!
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Paula is aways my favorite!
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Oh and Adeline, too. =D
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painter dood from kirby 64 nice
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actually its a painter dudette. thats a girl. it took me a while to find out too but it is.
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Wow I forgot how adorable Adeline is. She's so cute.

Groovy work.
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they're all so cute!
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can somebody tell me who the top right, rip, the one left of rip, and the bottom middle one are?
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...and the top right ones are Kat & Ana (ninja girls from Wario Ware serie) and the bottom middle one... must be a girl from Drill Dozer, I think.
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Rip = Lip, The one left of Lip is an Animal Crossing human girl, I don't know the rest.
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Yeah, you got Jill too!
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Nintendo lolis are so underated. The Mother girls, Lip and Adeleine are my favs.
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