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Starlight Glimmer new mane style (Vector)

By Chrzanek97
"I really like her mane!" ~ Sweetie Belle
"I really like her mane too" ~ Me

I wondering whether Rarity is her mane stylist Gadget 
S06 E01 -The Crystalling- (15:58)
Based on:


Starlight Glimmer belongs to Hasbro
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I used this as part of cover art for a fimfic:…
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Mind if I use it (with credit obviously)?

I'll link the finished image.
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Hello! Would you mind if I used this for a picture? I'm making an album cover parody of sorts with Starlight on it, it's supposed to look like the cover of Curtis Mayfield's "Got to Find a Way" and I want to give it some...paint effect, like on the album cover. Is that okay with you?
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Yes, you can do it.
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It's still hard for me to get adjusted to the new style, but I like it ^w^
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Hello, I help moderate a community dedicated to Starlight on Reddit, at /r/StarlightGlimmer. With her appearing in many of the Season 6 episodes, she's making many great new expressions. So we started a thread for the community to suggest new emotes, and your excellent vector was nominated. However, she would need to be cropped a little to fit in, which would technically count as a derivative work, and so not be permitted under the general license. May we have permission to use this vector to create such an emote? We do credit and link back for every art resource used. Thanks!
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