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Photoshop Brush set

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I've been asked several times for my brushes, so here they are. Feel free to download them and use them ^^ I think they are around 57 brushes, but use the 10 first brushes 90% of the time(those are my "main" brushes). ^^
Let me know if you can open them, I'll change the file if there's any error ^^

PS. The image that I use there is an upcoming painting, it's not uploaded here yet ^^ 

>>>For prints and stuff here -> 
>>>For future video processes  ->
>>>For future live paintings  ->


Recent work:
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Ariel + Video process by chryssvPrincess Mononoke by chryssv  
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Thank you your artwork is beautiful

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neat brush set. i'll give'em a whirl!
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THKS for the resource
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I always appreciate brush sets because it's an artists way of giving back to the art community. :) I really REALLY need to get back into my art too.  I actually had brushes of my own that I lost when my computer crashed.  
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Yeah that's true! ^^  Ah I've lost many brushes as well cz of computer crashes, so this is also kinda a "back up" for me xd 
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I need to get back to my art again.....
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Thanks for sharing them O uO (Not that i use them on my work, but some awesome artist out there will surely find them useful :D)
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I really hope some people would find them useful ^^ 
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Oh heck yes!  Thank you very much!
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No problem ^^ 
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Thanks for sharing! :)
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Interesting, I'll check 'em out! :dummy:
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Cool! Sadly, I don't have PhotoShop. :( Is the WIP Ahri?
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Aww :( Yeah it's Ahri  :D 
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Can't wait to see the WIP when it's done
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I cant w8 to show it either ^^ 
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I don't suppose that you'd put out the same brushes, only for GIMP?
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