FEATURES No 28,going on a trip..

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Hello,my dear DA friends..
I hope you had a good weekend..
Next week,and i'll be gone for five days..
I'll be missing you..
I'd like to thank you for your constant support,
you don't know what it means to me!:huggle:
Lately, i'm trying very hard to find the time
to answer all your messages ,and comment on your works,
but it's becoming more and more difficult..
So,please forgive me,if i don't comment all your works
i really want to,but there's no time!!

Here are some great works of old and new friends..
Sure hope you enjoy them!

In the Shadows by BrownEyedWyldChyld

Mature Content

Lure of the Siren by angelfunkstudio
i love you kitty by oguzhangulcen:thumb144265507::thumb183536271:
:thumb108559646: Ostrich Trouble by crilleb50 Timeless Ritual by LaVolpeCimina Ice Age by frenchfox Akasha by FrozenStarART
The Escape of Arya by MichaelMcGuire:thumb183747522: To weep upon her days of yore by oinkiest Dandelion Rain by Ellyevans679

Big Top by Trippy4U Enemy by mehrmeer Tendresse by ELFrance Magical sunset by Momotte2
:thumb180564879::thumb181918604: werft die netze aus by scheinbar
Gulls by artisthepassion Where once you died by oinkiest

Mature Content

Lolita by immodest
kitty by baska33333

:thumb156945464: wer by scheinbar The Secret Chamber by philippeL

Mature Content

Mature Figure by Pabeard

:thumb183638628: PsalmStep into the light
where you don't look so pure
and let me
count the ways I love you.
Your hands
were never pilgrims
but I like how they
find my skin in the dark
and your lips
never touched God
but they are divine
on my hips
and your thighs,
never dainty angels,
look almost holy
against my sheets...
SOMETIMES - poem...
Very rarely mad- i'm always a little sad... Questioning everything- i'm over sensitive, full of doubts... yearning to believe! i'm honest yet a little complicated!! i'm humerous yet i always take myself too seriously!!! i'm a bit crazy... forever wanting to be sane! i'm a lonesome drifter needing to stay, and wanting a home... A bird with a broken wing, i have flown oh so high(so high i thought i might never come down...) in search of solid ground! i am lost, still longing to be found!!
They call me the bastard son- My game is finally done, and i'm forever the tortured one!: always regretting the cold, angry day i stood and CURSED the rising of the Son- remembering the very day i gave in to the fear and started to RUN in search of fast cars, freedom, and FUN!...
always trying to fight a battle that may never have been meant to be WON- especially by a cowardly man who was too afraid to carry a GUN! Now weeds of doubt climb the walls of FAITH within my city of LIGHT, as darkness creeps i

Have a great week,i'll miss you!:love:

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I hope that you are having a wonderful trip dearest Athina! So sorry that I missed you...:glomp:
But I won't miss any faves from your lovely feature!!! :woohoo::tighthug: