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Ribble - Croaklan - WIzswamp

Loveland Frog Water Starter
Ribble - Croaklan - Wizswamp
Water/Psychic > Water/Psychic > Water/Psychic
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the highest compliment UwU

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I love(land) it! :D

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aaa thank you!

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the Loveland frog is such a weird... cryptid? Makes for a perfect pokemon though and I like your embellishments on the idea, a frog wielding a bulrush is something I haven't seen before but totally makes sense.

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it is such a weird cryptid, but its such a fully ohioan cryptid that i had to include it!

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I have been waiting for this FOR SO LONG, and it was worth it

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it ended up being really good imo 😭 I love it

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You are killing it with this series fr

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Dang I really like this line! OoO

My only suggestions to stronger differentiate the first two stages would to either remove the long front legs formt he first stage OR to give the second stage a Mohawk - what I think would fit to the third.

The last stage is pure love.

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so adorable! the third form is all onistyles, which makes sense because they have protruding tongues sometimes, and then it has a little cattail or watersausage whatever.. for a kanabo XD i can just imagine it bopping you gently..

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"i can be your wizard, or yuor oni"

getchu a man who can do both <3

jokes aside, the oni inspirations were actually incidental! but i totally noticed it once i finished hhaha.

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yeah i figured if it's psychic type then that's more of a magic wand, and certainly the hair works for a wizard but then I'd expect some kinda frog beard on the puffed out throat zone for a gender difference, and the horn just made me automatically go oni.

Not being UTTERLY on the nose with theming makes for better pokémon, so I think you got it just right.

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thats a grand compliment because one thing ive noticed is that i dont

really have much capability for subtlety XD

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