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Symphonic Dreams

Spent too much time with this. Drawing each individual note is tiring.
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Leave me where I am, I'm only sleeping.
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the cello is anatomically incorect
OltScript313's avatar
It's beautiful !!! :)
Night--Thinker's avatar
"Your lie in April" anyone? X3
UnablePone's avatar
This reminds me of Your Lie in April, an anime that hits all the right feels..
TenmaRKO's avatar
Awwwww, she looks so lovely!!! :aww:
you get an A* (and a fave) for your hard work and her adorableness
andrewtodaro's avatar
Very nice work Nod Her exhaustion w/ all the sheet music lying around the floor reminds me of the movie Amadeus, where he works himself to death in the endWaaaah! 
Nouthriss's avatar
Superprecious atmosphere...
loganloco123's avatar
Swap the cello/base for a clarinet and that is my life.
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Love the atmosphere!
Dunno why everybody tries to put Octavia together with DJ, this is great!
This is both pretty and relaxing to look at. Funny considering how much work you clearly put into it.

The way Octavia fell asleep working on her music seems like something I would expect. It's easy to lose track of time when doing things you're passionate about, and in some cases it gets to the point where staying awake is nearly impossible.
SoldierBrony's avatar
Her back is gonna hurt like crazy when she wakes up...
Neitronik's avatar
oh my gosh! Is this notes from a real something???
Helmie-D's avatar
One of the most wonderful octavia artworks I've ever seen in my life! I FREKIN' LOVE IT!

MisterJones4899's avatar
How the hell did I not see this before?
CrystalCritic's avatar
. . . .Did she steal my cello?! Confused 
TheMrMinish's avatar
That's how manga drawers want to look like (violin = pencil / dye pencil, papers = manga chapters' pages).
Stegoraptor's avatar
This looks amazing. The only small detail that is missing is the two tuning pegs at the base of the scroll
Azure-Wolf-227's avatar
AW, she looks adorable! Cute sleeping pony!
StarCrystal272's avatar
This is absolute eye-candy. Beautiful picture :D How long did this take?
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