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I don't draw her enough.
And I'm still trying to get her right. She had a narrower nose in my head...

Teresa (c) James Dashner, THE MAZE RUNNER.
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Love it soooo much :D
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She looks a lot like how I imagined Teresa to look. Bravo! :D
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Love thiss, I colored it, and actually doesn't look that bad.. hehe :)
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Oh you colored it!?
Can I see? :]
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Yeah! Post it on here?
I don't know how to send pictures on here :no:
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Ohhh. Well that's okay. I'm touched that you colored it :D
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Awesome! I love it! :D
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So good! I love it.
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I love this!! Her hair is perfect!
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So, I hope you don't mind, I used this image on my post about Teresa. I know you don't like her, but if you're interested in reading this - [link]
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Awesome, I don't mind at all! Thanks!

And it's actually really refreshing to see other viewpoints on a book. I admit Teresa was never really my favorite character and I can't really forgive her for what she did in the Scorch Trials, but by the end of it all, I did grow a bit of respect for her. So I don't really HATE her, she just isn't my favorite :/. Still, I'm glad there's somebody to stick up for her! I hate it when too many people dislike a fictional character. :/
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I'm glad you've come to respect her. She's a perfect example of people who make mistakes (haven't we all) and know that it will change how others think of them, whether good or bad.

I honestly don't know why I love this character so much myself, but I do. I guess it's like those who love Gale more than Peeta. I don't hate Gale at all, and I don't like it when people voice that, either.

At least it makes us think, right? :)
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It absolutely does :]
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She looks amazing!! :la:
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I absolutely LOVE this. I think you got her spot-on!
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You should do a mashup of all the maze Runner Characters!
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