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Alternate Prodigy ending

Because I love Marie Lu but WHAT IS SHE DOING TO US.
Okay I'm sorry, some of this might be slightly spoilery, but I figured the title would warn you beforehand... so I TRIED not to have it ruined, but it's hard when you're doing an alternate ending.

This took forever to do because I wanted it to be perfect. Also since I don't have ANY markers anywhere in this house (something that needs to be fixed) I had to use permanent marker for the blackness and I'm pretty sure I killed some brain cells breathing in those fumes. My fingers still stink of Sharpie.

Anyway, frankly I'm appalled that I have to draw something like THIS to make me feel better about that book. I mean, really, Marie Lu?? REALLY???

June and Day (c) *mree
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-Place Champion book here-
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I don't think u guys wanted to see me after i read the last book......i was a weepy mess! 
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I can't believe she would do this to us!Waaaah! 
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No! this makes me tear up!
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so true! I know day is trying to protect June's feelings but still! save it for champion and end prodigy on a happy note! 
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Day. Cannot. Die! If Day dies i'm sure a part of me will die with him. Its a horrible, horrible thing Marie Lu has done to us. I had to stop so many times to collect myself during the end scene. It was to much for my heart to take...  Cannot wait to find out what happens to him and June in Champion!! And i love the picture too!
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HOLY SHIT. I hate Marie Lu right now. I just finished Prodigy 2 seconds ago and I hate the ending. Like wtf. NO. Goddammit. Why couldn't this be the ending! D: Why Marie Lu must you hate me?? NO. God. No. Why. Dammit. I'm going to just die in my room right now. Whyy?? Oh my fucking god. feiorghioreqhogiafdszlc.
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DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY T.T I was a crying mess in our car. We were driving back to NJ from Florida, so i decided to finally start Prodigy. I finished the book during the ride and i was like breaking down, silently crying in the uncomfortable corner of the back seat. I had a towel to my face and i literally couldn't stop crying. I'm seriously in LOVE with a fictional book character, and now he's dying. LIKE. NO. WHY MUST THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN. I was cursing out Marie in my mind >~< Some part deep down says OMG PLEASE MARIE LET HIM LIVEEE FOR THE SAKE OF BOTH JUNE AND ME IN THE NEXT BOOK and then the other part is just like.. no. he's dying. let me just bury myself alive and sit there until i die with him.
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After seeing this picture and reading only th first book so far, I have to ask...

what is the ending of the next one? DD:
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I read the ending and literally cried a fountain. Especially at this part

"He is beauty both inside and out
He is my silver lining in a world of darkness
He is my light"

I cried so much! When I was halfway through the book I couldnt take it anymore and skipped to the last chapter. ( I should have the page before that XD) Then when I saw what happened. ( I didnt know that Day was you know.......... *sobs.........going to...........*chockes...........DIE!) Anway, I was literally yelling at him! (Day)

I said, "Day you are just going to leave her because of what she did to your family! You are a total and complete jerk! I thought you were amazing but noooooo you just had to break her heart and...... and..........UGH!!!!!" My dad said, " Go to sleep before I kill you." I staed up all night wishing i had read the rest of the book before I read that part. Then I read the whole book and said, "Oh so he's dying. Thats why he's leaving her.......... I wanted to spare her from hearing that he was going to die.............. oh I feel kind of bad about what I said about Day. " And then I cried........... in class............ in front of everybody. Yeeeeeeeea not my greatest moment. I would have liked it to end like how you descried, but in a way, its a good thing he didnt tell her. He wanted to spare her less pain by telling her that he had to leave. If he would have said he was dying wouldnt that break her heart even more knowing that he wouldnt be safe? If she thought that he was just leaving then she could have the peace of mind that at least he was well. I just read this and dang this is long! Me and my fan rambling.......... XD
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omg i just
i'm on the last page
and i read those words
and i was literally niagra falls on the bus
i had to close the book
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IT WOULD BE SAD EITHER WAY!!!!! DAY YOU DOUCHE JUST STAY BY HER SIDE FOR THE REST OF THE TIME YOU HAVE LEFT! TT^TT I'm sorry Day you aren't a douche but yes, he should have told her.
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I am going to die of Grief
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When I saw this it was all over
I haven't read the book yet but I can guess what happened
Is it true what I'm thinking
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Read the book.
And then I'll tell you.
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When I first saw this I had no idea what you were talking about. Now I've read the book! After I'd finshed I just cryed,the worst bit, I was on the train at the time, so every one was asking me if I was okay, I was like "Yes" *hiccup* I... I j-just read this..." *sob* "Really s-sad book" and I would cry all over again. I wish I'd left it to read once I got home.
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Omgomgomgomgomgomgomg I hate you Marie but at the same time I love her for writing such a good boookkkk. I'm going to cry in my bed until I die of starvation because prodigy left me in a ultimate shook! It's sooo gooddd!
Oh I hate Hate HATE this part! I feel sad he's g2 die. But if there is g2 b another book I really want 2 know now
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There will be a third book, yes! It's going to be called Champion :D
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wait so there will be a thirdbook?
what about Day?
Cause I love this series
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i know i felt the same way!! but i figure in the next book something will almost happen to day and june will find out and save him OR the doctor lied and he will ask for her forgivness!!
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I just finished the book and came here to see what this was all about. BRYNNE, PLEASE MAKE THIS ALTERNATIVE BE THE REAL ONE. I CAN'T BREATH, SEND HELP! (amazing art, you know it, but i just need to cry and this gave me more feels i could bare)
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And now we all get to wonder why there is another year before the last book comes out. And hope for it all to somehow work out. (As well as apparently begin sentences with "and" and grammar teachers wince).
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