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I am a liar
I am a liar and I apologise
I lied to you when you asked if I was fine.
I said yes, and prayed silently
That you wouldn’t notice my smile flicker from my face
Or the tears beginning in my eyes
If you did notice, you said nothing, thank you.
I am still lying and I’ve am still apologising
You asked me if everything was okay
I laughed and said yes, praying silently
That my laugh hid the bitterness in my voice
Or the fear I was trying to swallow
If you did notice, you said nothing, thank you.
I cannot stop lying and I’ve run out of apologies.
When you asked what was wrong
I replied ‘nothing’ and prayed silently
That you would hear through my lie
That you could see the smile trembling on my lips
And the tears stinging my eyes
That you could hear the panic in my voice
And the fear I was choking on
I laughed. ‘I’m okay. I’m fine. Nothing is wrong.’
I repeat this line, like a mantra
In a pathetic attempt to drown out those voices that assau
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Look at me
Look at me.
Look in amazement at the battle marked Valkyrie you think I have become.
Look at how well I carry myself after years of fighting tooth and nail, on my own, to prove to others I deserve to walk this earth and breathe this air without their endless abuse.
Look and see how difficult it is to see the scars from injuries I shouldn’t have gained in the first place.
Look at the determination fading from within my eyes with each passing second as a smile is trembling on my face from lack of use.
Listen as the confidence is forced into my voice and escapes easily with every word
As my heart beat grows weaker and weaker every morning I wake up with nothing for it to continue for.
Tell me that it was worth all the pain and hurt when I have nothing to show for it but mutilations within the dark parts of my mind.
Call me a brave soul, declare me a survivor of a place you forced me to fight for my life in.
As you did little while I cried out for help, then nothing as my cries silen
:iconchrysakitten:Chrysakitten 1 0
You are
If I could describe to you in words how much you mean to me
How no matter what I admire you for your capability
You are outspoken, confident and intelligent
You are also stubborn, loud and a know it all
Still I love you to the bitterest of ends
And although I am the baby
And we don’t always see eye to eye
I will protect you always from whatever it is I can
We only share half the same DNA
And our years are far apart
I like to think the beauty you have always had
Shines through me, if only in how I care for you.
You are my sister, my only one.
This poem is soppy, sorry about that, at least now it’s done.
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Thank You
I am often told I look like my mother.
From her I get my slender build, something she probably wishes I would give back.
I also get my pear shaped figure resulting a rather round behind, something I almost wish she would take back if not for the fact that my clumsiness means I often fall on it and am grateful for the soft landing.
My jaw line is also my mother’s resulting in a crooked smile I am rather fond of.
Other traits I get from my mother; her unwavering devotion and unending patience she shows to her family, the fierceness she summons when those she loves are threatened, the stubbornness she shows when she feels she is in the right and the strength she has always shown when it comes to life and love despite all its hardships.
I am often told I look like my father.
From him I get my height, something I am glad for as I am now taller than both my mother and my sister, a fact I get to rub in their faces. Being the youngest of them I have previously spent many years of my life
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This is my craft
I write.
That is something I have always done.
Since I was very little I created fantasy worlds and I talked of the people who live within them.
As I got older I began to add more detail to the stories I crafted within the infinite spaces of my mind.
I devoured books and films, learning of how other storytellers crafted these wonders.
I didn’t really understand what it was I was absorbing until I learnt to analyse it.
I didn’t really feel what these stories wanted me to until I learnt to understand it.
This is why stories I loved from a young age bring me to tears of joy and sadness now rather than then, when they were intended for me.
With this I learnt that well told stories last lifetimes.
I write.
Because it is something I continue to do.
I have begun to write about the people I would love to meet and admire and speak to.
I spend hours and days working out the smallest most mundane details of who they are.
I listen to criticisms of my work and I learnt not to take it to
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Alice Tordoff
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United Kingdom
My Home: Cornwall during Term time
Favourite genre of music: My music taste is Ecclectic so I have neither favourite Genre or Musician
Favourite genre of film: Again my taste is pretty random. A good film is a good film. This being said I quite like musicals.
Favourite photographer: Kipling!
Favourite style of art: Film or Writing
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Favourite cartoon character: Revy 'Two Hands' or Spike Spiegal
Personal Quote: 'I know I'm insane, I never claimed not to be' or 'Chupacabra on a spinny wheel'

I'm also on TSU, Join us.... you know you want to.
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  • Reading: Beka Cooper: Blood Hound
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  • Playing: I would be playing Amnesia but my laptop hates me
  • Eating: Nothing, hence the growling stomach
  • Drinking: Far too much tea....
I don't like Alice in wonderland references. I'm 21, by this point I have heard way too many for them to count as funny or even clever. This happens a lot whenever people are introduced to me. One time I replied; ‘Wow I haven’t heard that one before.’ And for all of two seconds they didn’t quite catch the sarcasm in my voice.

I have been in two productions of Alice in Wonderland as well. Guess what? I didn’t play Alice in either of them! In the first version I was the Caterpillar and the Hatter, in the second I was the Dormouse.

What annoys me most is that people reference the frankly, in my opinion worst versions of AiW. I.e. the Disney film

That Alice is a simpering little idiot with yellow hair. I do not wish to be associated with her.

The other version people tend to go for is the Tim burton version which isn't as bad, in fact it’s mildly enjoyable if I'm not in the mood to think. It is however Tim Burton through and through but that’s another problem in itself. For the record, don’t hate Burton, am tired of seeing the same ‘dark and whimsical for no reason’ film over and over.

Then you have The Looking Glass wars book series, which is an interesting take on the story. Or the Alice SyFy mini-series, which I like somewhat. The 1999 hallmark version is my favoured version and yes I have read the book, the hallmark version is the closest adaptation to it and it also had Jim Henson’s workshop involved which I love.

I don't hate the story. I just hate being referenced to it constantly. Especially when it’s always the Disney version people think of.
Also please do not reference Alice Cullen, or the song ‘Alice, who the fuck is Alice’. Because they are done to death also. 


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