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Once upon a time there were many faries that lived in a forest. The went about their lives happy and carefree always sure that nothing could go wrong. But one fairy always thought what if. So unlike the other faries who spent their time painting and flying around happy she spent her time practicing and studying. She would be able to fight even if the others couldn't. One day a giant came to their forest and took a tree! With much noise and a monster in his hands he took a tree down and left. A few moons later and more giants arrived with more monsters! The faries had no idea as to what to do. Nothing like this had ever happened before but if something didn't soon there would be no forest! So the odd little fairy came up with a plan and told all of the other  fairies. The next moon set they enacted their plan. Ruining the giants' monsters with water and berries they drove them off. But at a cost. The odd faerie, now their hero, had been seen. The giants had captured her and to
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World turning
World turning and turning
Nature toiling away at its own cycles
Life going on around us
As we fight and destroy
In the name of our own life
Perhaps that name is a god
Or maybe science
Or greed
Or vanity
At the end of the day we all
Are fighting for something
Against each other and nature
We hope to find one to be along side
Although often they are nothing more
Than yet another thing to fight against
We fight and fight and fight
Striving for more
Striving for better
And yet life
Swirls around us
Moving at its own pace
And its own cycles
That will catch us sooner
Or later
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Wars flare in violence and anger
Diplomacy fails left and right
Storms rage and destroy
The earth shakes and opens
Nature itself is turning
And yet we must continue
We must walk this path towards
Our own deaths and demise
Yet we continue to walk this
But we do not know why.
We just know the show must go on
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WIP Will be updated on here
“Taren! Get up and get to the fields!” A woman's voice echoed up to the ledge. A young man's head appeared over the edge and yawned.
“Yes mother....” Taren responded before slipping over the edge and while trying to grab the edge falling to the ground. With a curse he hopped around the sparsely furnished house holding his foot. He dodged around the table his family ate at, ran into his father's chair the only cushioned seat in the house, and almost overturned the pot of stew his mother was working on. Stopping by the door and rubbing the foot he stole a quick piece of flat quick bread. Munching on this he slipped his shoes on and waved by to his mother as he left for the farm fields.
“I swear that boy will kill himself one of these days...” His mother said with a shake of her head as her knife snapped through a carrot.
A few hours later, Taren walked along the road in the small village. He peered at the few weapons the blacksm
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World build. Warning:Long
World: Magic is popular along with classical weapons but guns exist they are fairly rare and classical weapons more common. Despite high technology there is still a lot of wild land.
Elements: Everyone has a preferred element and can do basic control over it.
  Six main Elements: Elements that elementalists control and that elementals are made of.           Also the most commonly worshiped These are the base elements that are thought of as universal. All others are often 'speculated' about. Note: Gender is the Gender the Champions/priests refer to their element as. Elements have no true gender and do not prefer one gender to another.
Emotion: Anger, Rage, Lust, Protection, Passion
Action: War, Guarding, Sex, Charity
Other: Despite how common the emotions/actions are Fire is not as popular as the other elements as it is rare in nature. Although many chose to worship it.
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I like the color choices and the overall look. The horns though seem almost like hair that has been wound up. Maybe that was what you w...


Wanting to start writing again but looking around and find out that....all of its missing. Other than what was here I can't find my writings. Oh well. I know most of them and almost all of it needed to be rewrote anyways. Well I hope to be able to start writing again but most of my muse is being taken up by my DnD game so we'll see.
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