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Help donate to breast cancer charity and help indie fighting game Skullgirls get into the EVO 2013 world fighting game tournament! All money donated goes directly to the charity. Donation closes on 31st January, so help spread the word!

Donation link:…

The long version:

What the heck is Skullgirls anyway?

Skullgirls is a fighting game developed by Reverge Labs and headed by lead artist and creator Alex Ahad and veteran fighting game pro and game developer Mike Z. It was released as a downloadable title on the PS3 and XBox 360 last year, with a PC version coming in the future.…
Launch trailer:…
Some gameplay:…

So what's with EVO and all the donation drives?

EVO is an annual fighting game tournament streamed live from Vegas that draws fighting game fans from all over the world. In 2013, the organisers have decided to expand the games that will be featured on the main stage to 8 games, with the game in the 8th slot being determined by the game whose fans can raise the most money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation….

Why should we pick Skullgirls?

Right now, the games that have raised the most money and are most likely to win are Super Smash Bros Melee and Skullgirls, with over $50,000 dollar raised right now between them and with SSBM at about a 1,000+ dollar lead.

Clearly, Skullgirls is the underdog in this race. While the game has been well received in the fighting game community, coverage outside has been low. Smash Bros, on the other hand, was developed by a major game company with extensive retail releases and featuring A-list Nintendo intellectual properties.

So here is a list of reasons why I think everyone who can should help SG win this race:

1) Skullgirls is a bloody good game!

2) After the release of Skullgirls, the developers have been hit by financial problems which heavily affected the game's post-release. The publisher, Autumn Games, was sued in a case that had nothing to do with SG, which means that the money for the development team completely stopped. No one wants to invest in a company that is undergoing a lawsuit.

None of the developers received any money from the sales of the game and have actually not been paid since last April. All the downloadable contents that were planned for the game's post-release had to be scrapped. The team were all laid off from their previous studio, Reverge Labs, but have now reformed under that name Lab Zero to continue development on SG. Despite this, Mike Z has been continuing work on the game with no pay and has recently released a new patch for the game.

If the game gets featured on EVO, it will raise the community consciousness of the game and send a signal to potential investors that the game and its community are very much alive.

3) The developer, Mike Z, is an amazing guy! Even back in the early days of fighting games, he was one of the first people who wrote guides and tutorials for fighting games in English and helped support the community to be what it is today. SG is his child and he would be ecstatic to see it as a main event at EVO.

4) The entire SG team is amazing! Ever since the donation drive started, many in the development team including the voice actors and artists have gone out of their ways to help raise the money, attending events and providing incentives such as doing drawing commissions and voice messages for people who donate for no pay. That's how much they are passionate about this game.

5) EVO is a competitive fighting game tournament. I love the game Smash Bros Melee to bits but it really was not designed to be a competitive game at all, let alone a "fighting game" in the traditional sense. The fan-made competitive version of Melee's rules is far removed from a normal game that a person would play, with all items and the majority of the stages being banned from tournaments. As a matter of fact, Nintendo time and time again voices their disdain at the competitive fighting game scene and even designed the latest version of Super Smash Bros specifically so that it cannot even be played competitively.

On the other hand, Skullgirls was designed from the ground up with competition in mind, with Mike Z putting all his knowledge and his experience of his many years in the scene to make as perfect a fighting game as possible. Not even taking into account the games themselves, given the choice between promoting a Nintendo game and Skullgirls at EVO, the choice is obvious.

6) Helping the underdog win and raise consciousness for a game made by a small developer! Who wouldn't like to see that? Seriously, one person donated $4,000 dollar to the Smash Bros drive; these guys are not messing around. SG fans don't have that kind of money so we'll have to win by sheer number and dedication.  

Some extra stuff

Many fans of SG have stepped up and promise some extra incentives for people who donate to the drive. More details here.…

Several donation drive events have been held with some of the game staff participating as mentioned earlier. Recordings of the events can be seen here.

A final donation drive will be held on the last day streaming at the eightysixed channel starting from 18:00 PST on 31st January (1st Feb 2:00 GMT).

Last words

If you've actually read this up to this bit, thanks so much! I hope I've convinced you to help donate some money to help out Skullgirls. Even if it doesn't win, or even if you don't care about fighting games, the money donated still goes completely to cancer research, which is a great cause anyway.

I hope you can spare a bit of money and help get words out to anyone you know who might be interested. As of writing, we only have 2 days left till the donation drive finishes, so let's do it!


I'm just a lazy guy lol


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