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Yay, I'm uploading things again and drawing in general. That's always good, because I need to draw more if I expect to get any better at all :3

Anyways, short entry here.

After uploading a forgotten piece, I've gone through and done some cleaning out of my gallery. Many featured deviations were moved into my scrapbook, and a handful of them I deleted outright for 1) a lack of views and 2) a lack of any objective relevance/skill. At the moment I'm just going to let the scrapbook be a scrapbook and become an archive, more or less, of older submissions, but don't be surprised if some of them end up being deleted at a time shortly in the future.

Then again, why am I making this journal entry and announcing this stuff? What does it matter anyways; who pays attention to what I have to say, much less the less-attractive scraps I've drawn? :V (Seriously... I've made a grand total of four journal entries since 2006, this journal included. o_O)

Well... I guess to end this, I wanna do a shout out and call-out to see who's actually watching me, in an attempt to connect more with other artistic friends! I've got much love to my friends from FusionFall (:iconspeakerspeedy: and especially :icontinyspawn:) for helping to keep the dying embers of my artistic interest alive, leading me to eventually pick up my pencil once more and even try my hand more at digital color.

It's my thoughts that if I connect with those other friends I know from DA (that I don't already talk with from time to time, like the super-cool :iconkrewl-rain:), then, through talking with other artists, I can keep stoking these creative embers. It's true that there's much I'd like to do, but it gets discouraging when I have nobody to show my drawings to~

...oh great. In the turning off of the television when nothing's on between 9 and 11 pm (roughly), I've now gone and missed the new Venture Brothers episode premiere. Again! Oh, I do so hate having to stay up to watch them, but otherwise they don't seem to show reruns when they're convenien~t. (I'm supposed to be working on getting to sleep earlier and waking up earlier to get into a more productive routine, but between this late-night must-watch premieres and being super-slow on coloring pictures until late at night....I'm not making much progress >< )
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Try this out, it's actually really fun and addicting, even if it is frustrating at times.

On another note, playing a lot of Zombie Fortress and then later that night Zombie Nerf Warz do not mix... I dreamt of zombie babies that night XD

They're all so cute and "D'AWWW" until you pick them up and it's "HOLY SHI-!"; you can't tell if a baby was infected until you picked it up because it can't really run/shamble around and scream "braaaains"... D:

Also, where's the gol derned "tired" mood? D: I've not been this tired in several months... which is a bad thing, because this kind of lazy tiredness = not getting stuff done, and I NEED to get stuff done for school. I've got a few weeks left in which I need to get a loan, and I'm still behind in several of my classess... WHY OH WHY MUST I BE SO EASILY DISTRACTED BY THINGS~!
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2 1/2, if not more, years' worth of stuff drawn and doodled over varying periods of time. If ya haven't noticed, I'm not very good with regularity and schedules!!!

Honestly don't know WHY I'm doing this exactly, it's not like I really have anything DA-worthy; all I'm doing really is taking time out from homework I need to be doing D:

Yeah, I'm not going to even TRY to make a mini-self-biography of what happened to me since last I touched DA (for purposes other than simply looking up pictures to reference/look at) in what, October 2007? Good god, it's been a long time. :S

I'll keep this short: I'm now in college in Arizona going to the University of Advancing Technology, and have many, many things that is keeping me busy, the least of which is my involvement with Cartoon Network: FusionFall, in which I have the title of Queen of Races as Zippy Zoomshoes. (You can catch some videos of me/the game on my youtube, which should be linked on my front page...) In fact, there should be a picture of her being uploaded shortly...
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Wow... I'm checking ma DA... SHOOP DA WOOP :O (forgive me for that... within the past day I saw this lazer collection on YouTube, and... it kinda got to me :^p)

ANYWAYS... this isn't really an update, more of just an update... I'm just coming in here to say that I'm bored tonight, and as such without knowing what to look for in art, I decided to see if I might get through the 900 deviations and 500 messages that await me...

I decided to see, and saw that I couldn't. So basically what I'm sayin' is that, rather than actually look through (and possibly forcibly comment on each) of those 900 deviations, I decided I'd rather just delete all those from the list, and make it easier on myself by checking everyone I'm subscribed to and then looking at those deviations I don't remember that look interesting to me. (The journals I nuked as well... 400 of 'em, so many of them old they wouldn't apply any more... lol...)

In other news... something I've been busying myself with is Smash Bros. I stopped updating in DA around January... it was around that time I discovered KSSB, and competitive smash, here in Wisconsin, and it has become a big thing for me ever since. (Those old Melee snapshots are SO old... I have such better ones now... LOL Falco literally rapes Fox >:^D) With an increase in my Smash awareness, came an increase in my use of YouTube... anyone reading this should seriously go and take a look at my videos; just type in "ChronoSquare" on youtube and you get like a whole page of my videos :^p (Taunt Waving is by far my best video... 13k views FUCK YEAH)

Lesse... now I'm in college, away from home... and away from a scanner as well as easy access to my camera. (Well, it's actually my dad's, but still) That means I can't really put up any more art (not that I draw much anyways... I will once I finally get around to getting my job back at Figi's calling center, but until then...), other than what I had uploaded into Photobucket...

Oh yeah, that was something else that happened to me. My brother downloaded that "Is this you?" *picture link* virus thing from MSN and wiped out Windows ME's memory; we could no longer start up Windows and get at the info we had stored on it... unfortunately, that meant that also I had lost all my old artwork as well, outside of what I still have physically... it sucks...

Mostly now, I think I'll just let DA's journal serve as a blog (ZOMG I'm blogging?! What blasphemy am I committing?!) for random shit that I may be thinking of late at night, like tonight, need to say it and have no other place to say it... like how I just got a rape score of 49k in Planet Puzzle League today; two 19x chains and the time stopped at 10x chain...

I need to get a 64 to get Pokemon Puzzle League...
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I'd like to appologize to all those who I have watched, and whose artwork has for the most part gone unviewed by myself (431 deviations, and 137 journals... oi vey), even though several of them may not be watching me.

While I still have the initiative, before scampering off to play FFXII for one more hour, I'd like to give reasonings as to why I haven't been keeping up to date with DA. I'll give a little timeline of where my time went, mostly.

The month of October had mostly been OGame time, and seeking revenge on a few people. Revenge had come and gone, and it felt so sweet. So instead of looking for scholarships like I should've, or done more with college work or work on my Eagle Project for Boy Scouts, that's where my time went mostly.

November I think was mostly concentrating on work; it was that month then that Figi's re-hired me for real this time, so that now I was being scheduled by both Figi's and Herrschner's. Things seemed to be going up for me, as I had not only gained access into the realm of Saturday Night D&D, but I also discovered a great friend in an old acquaintance (and that she has more video games than I have books >.> ) It seemed like things would work themselves out, when November kicked December in the crotch, and myself in the process, when the last monday before Dec began I got into a car accident.

My life has been pretty much geared towards moving along and trying to sort things out since then, trying to balance all things together with the present and the future, how can I enjoy the present while still worrying about the future. I have to find myself a third job after christmas, because I can guaruntee myself that I won't find enough employment to pay for gas weekly and the $150 monthly fee to my dad for the new car (or jeep should I say) we have bought so I could operate freely for work and whatnot... and currently it's not looking so good.

With all I want to and want to be doing, I can't find the time for it, drawing included. I've got I don't know how many hours of anime backed up on the DVR that it constitutes a marathon all-day long anime spree once Christmas Break hits. But don't think I've left DA all alone - I've been practicing my drawing. I've got several pictures I'd like to upload to DA and/or finish, including some Digimon, if that piques anyone's interest, as well as my new anime-stylistic humans. Even more updating would commence, should I get my hands on an external HD and a copy of photoshop; a few of those said pictures I wouldn't want to present without being in color somehow. And also the Kirbyroth - I've been wanting to color that thing for so long.

And now that I believe I have said all I had wanted to say, I will return to FFXI while my recyclers return in OGame... I promise updates in the new year! *collapses from sleepiness*
Well, in order for me to get my sketch from :iconrabidelf:, I have to try out the free sketch challenge myself :). Here's the laydown, first 10 deviants who coment on this journal gets 1 free one character sketch from your's truly, but you gotta post the same journal as well before I work on your sketch request. (notice the excellent copy/paste/edit work from his journal I just did there. Seamless :D)
So, I've basically pissed away the summer and now comes along my senior year, and a heaping' helping of more than my fair share of stuff to do... I've got I think now 4 AP classes to balance along with spanish homework (I'm thinking of dropping it at least second semester for AP Writer's Workshop... while it would entail more homework, it would be a better trade off as I'd like it better than doing spanish...), I've still got arrangements to make for my Eagle Project, as well as two more merit bages that require a lot of paperwork, and scholarship hunting, in addition to selection shopping for any other colleges...

I've put in an application to Collin's College down in Tempe, AZ (Pheonix for all practical reasons and purposes) for a degree in Game Design; I came off very well to the admissions guy I spoke to, even impressing his Director of Admissions when I spoke to her (although I think I came off as more artsy than I am, because she also suggested I look at the Game Visual-Art degree :p), so I don't think I'd be rejected... but now, the hard part is finding as many scholarships as I can... Including the costs of terms, supplies, and what-have-you, it'll cost over $70 grand to go to this place for 120 weeks...

And then I've not even started work. I put in applications all around, and when I didnt' hear from anyone I went back to my old job at Figi's... and it just so happened that after I did so, I got a call from one of the places I applied to, so now I'm going to attempt to balance two jobs at once... I don't think it will last long, but it all depends on how much they work me. If I'm worked many hours, I'll probably switch to a reduced schedule for only one job, whichever one I find easier... because I just know, once Novemeber hits, calls are going to start flying in and workloads will be up dramatically.

I've got some art that I've not uploaded over the summer that I will, but because of my increased work all-around, I'm only going to upload a few at a time... And yes, I still have many peoples' deviations left to view, the main two being mistajonz and HappySkunk, but I intentionally did that because I ususally comment on their artwork, and could view other peoples' deviations faster...

Yeh, I've got several ideas in my head, but I don't know when I'll ever find time, if ever, to draw them. (Part of the reason I didn't take an interest in DA over the summer, I've not realzed, is because I didn't ever take my Adderall... apparently, I'm not only more focused when I take it, but I'm more creative and artistic than without :/)
Well, for most people school's end is a joyous event. Since there's no time left for anything, most classes end up not doing much. Except for me...

Let me tick off what I have yet to do: Blaze through basically 2 lessons in Advanced Visual Basic so I WON'T fail the class (to me that's anything lower than an A-), finish debugging the Battleship/Rocketship game I converted into C++ from its original Pascal origins to get my grade up with extra credit in Visual C++ (Stupid teacher :^/), finish up the math assignments we were given for a final grade (Fell asleep when the teacher was explaining how to solve Integrals! :s), write a paper on how lasers read stuff off of CDs, DVDs, etc. to make up for a missing 50(!) points in Physics because of extenuating circumstances, AND I've got a really teadious project to finish for Social Problems; for our environmental problem we chose nuclear waste, but I ended up with two major slackers. The one person who I know ends up doing even less than I do (which isn't that much, considering we were given two weeks and I'm having to crunch it tonight ^^;), and the other person's a stoner who just ripped the first stuff he found from Wikipedia. Yeah. Hope the teacher doesn't notice that. <_< And the worst part is that I said I'd do it in Power Point, and when I sat down and started to begin something... I realized I had no clue how to go about Power Point. @_@

And now that I look at it... except for writer's workshop, I've got homework to do still in every one of my classes! With only 4 days before the end of school! X_X (Band doesn't count)

I'd love to take a look at everyone's deviations and read journals, but frankly my time, for a while longer at least, can't support visiting this site for extended periods of time. Between homework, OGame and my brother on the computer... yeah. <_<

Back to homework now! Can I get it done in an hour and leave time to do my FSing? I'd better... *crosses fingers*
So yes! After around two months of only the rare visit to DA, I hope to have come back to stay. (At least for a while ^^;) As you may notice, I've submitted a slew of pictures back to back, all Time Eaters, who had been accumulating in my notebook as time went on. Apparently, THEY must've been the ones causing me to lose time... it would explain their propagation. One even made into my Mario Kart DS emblem...

Time has not been kind to me... there are more things to do than there are hours in a day, with distinguishing between needs and wants a primary challenge. Such as I had been preoccupied several weeks during those two months, between various activities that took a good chunk of my attention from the week, such as the Science Olympiad (12+ hrs at school the day before O_O), State Solo & Ensemble, and the several homework projects I actually should be doing now instead of writing this! :D

Also, vidoegames have made a resurfacing in my life. Back at the start of my DA hiatus, I believe Metriod Prime: Hunters had released somewhere around there, and for a few weeks afterwards I would be playing both Hunters and Mario Kart on Wi-Fi (whenever it worked...)

As of recently, I have become quite involved with OGame, and I also have a tremendous deal I made with someone, but one that involves me gathering and making a lot of resources... however, if it all goes according to plan, I should end up around 5 M short of Full Dragon. 8)

Just a few days ago on Thursday I bought the New Super Mario Bros, and have been playing it avidly since then. I beat it two days after I got it sometime around lunchtime. Of course, I took most of the shortcuts - I had gotten up to World 5 then just used the cannon to get to World 8. Something I also realized about how easy NSMB was is that it wouldn't be terribly difficult to perform a speed run... and so once I go through and get all the secret paths and star coins, I'm going to end up practicing until I can speed through the game without losing a single life. Who knows, I may even record it and submit it to YouTube, for close friends and whatnot - I know I'm not going to be 1337 enough to hold a record for it.
Yes, I finally got myself a pencil sharpener! That means that I can now sharpen
those dull colored pencils and actually *use* them again. Such as I would've
had my tribute to :iconkitaek27: up sooner, but I wanted it colored so it'd be
more analogous to his Loss of Spleen Kirby pics.

Also up is the request from :iconlorienelf: that was made back on the 17th... the
first picture drawn in my new sketchbook ;D It was so much cleaner, and now I can have that much more space to draw! So nice ^_^
Beware, for this month I have discovered something critical... an ability to draw Kirbies on an usually high basis. Expect the marching of Kirbies to continue all throughout this month of March...

And if there's a particular kind of Kirby you want me to do, then just say so. I'd be more than happy to oblige, but don't expect it colored, at least not for the next week... (as I draw them in a notebook, I have to draw it, pen-trace and erase it, scan it, touch it up to get it as non-notebooky as possible, print and THEN I can color it...

Also, keep on the lookout for a little 1-page comic idea I have... anyone up for a game of Pac-Man? (There may be more, but I dunno if I could draw Mario consecutively, or if I can even draw him at all :D)
So far, March is looking to be a good month. Well, to start the month out, our school's hockey team got to go to state, taking with them half the school for the day! I wish I would've taken my checkbook, then I could've gotten some manga and an EGM at the Barnes & Nobles in the mall where we stopped to eat. Then again, I'd end up writing a check for over $60 probably, so... go fig :D (We won the game easily, 4-0, but yesterday I heard we lost 3-6... oh well. Got to miss school, that's what counts!)

Then today I had my Bass Clarinet solo at Solo & Ensemble... to my surprise, I got a *1, which means I'm going to State in May. It surprised me because I hardly practiced... didn't really start until after December, and I only had two real lessons on it with my band teacher. Half the time I'd bring it home to practice I'd forget... lol. Guess I'm lucky in here.

And now that Solo Ensemble is out of the way, I don't really have anything else that I need to majorly-plan for (excep of course Eagle project...), so I'd like to announce that if anyone wanted to, I'd be more than happy to take a crack at drawing someone or something or another. I'd feel too guilty asking others to do stuff for me when I can't do squat in return...

I'm usually a logically-driven person who likes orders, rules, and formulas, and when it comes down to my drawings, I use the efficiency formula for physics... work out = praise in. ^_~

And concerning uploading my pictures, I'll try to make it so I upload at least one a week, depending on what time I have I'll add more.
(is this thing on? it doesn't look plugged in... wait, what? we're on right now? Cra*zzzzzz*)

Erhrm... yes, hello! I'm not used to giving speeches or anything, so, um, yeah. ^^;

The first thing I'll want to point out is my sporadicity. (If that ain't a word, it is now!) At random I'll come and check on my Deviant Art account, and there's about a 40% chance of me uploading some more art during one of those visits. I do plan on scanning some of my artwork from actual art classes on Monday, when I can use the digital camera... (you may notice I have some already.)

The rest of my pictures I update a little at a time. I have over 150 pictures scanned in total, and more slowly come. Instead of trying to update all at once, I prefer to update just a few at a time... thought I do lament there not being able to create sub-albums. I would love to have a sub-album dedicated to my Pokemon drawings, chee...

So yeah. That's just all I wanted to say, really. (BTW if anyone plays RuneScape, you'll find me sporadically on as Zirrion. The name Chronosquare was taken... XD)