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You really nailed this one. The background's nothing to write home about, but it provides a backdrop for the warrior to inhabit, which ...

I'm fond of the way you draw anthro and nonhuman characters. They stand on two legs, wear clothes and all that, but they clearly belong...

Kudos on finding a balance between animal and anthropomorphic traits that works for this character in particular. Wing boy leans more o...

Love the patterns in Dragon Boy's flesh. You could've painted him blue and called it a day, yet you clearly put some thought into that ...

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Chronos-X's Book Club Pick of the Month #1
A Song of Ice and Fire: How Not to Screw Your Dragon Over, by Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion Targaryen (and over nine-thousand ghostwriters who may or may not be White Walkers).
Published by the SPCD (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Dragons), subsidiary of PETA.
Foreword by Queen Daenerys "Flippy" Stormborn of the House Targaryen (AKA House "Of Course We Can Bang, Sis: What's the Worst that Could Happen?"), the First of Her Name (and to the toilet), Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men (and the damned), Lady of the Seven Kingdoms (more like the 7-Eleven) and Protector of the Realm (but not my social security number; thanks a lot, Dany!), Lady of Dragonstone (and bladder-stone), Queen of Meereen (and the Mississippi), Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea (of ganja), the Unburnt (and the Uncooked), Breaker of Chains (and balls) and Mother of Dragons (how'd she squeeze those out?).
Afterword by Tyrion "Poor Judge of Character" Lannister, with additiona
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On Mortality and Consequences (Synopsis)
On Mortality and Consequences: A Dragon Ball Super Fanfic, by Chronos-X
A year and a half after the Tournament of Power, an ancient evil threatens the Multiverse. Following Android 17's wish for the erasure of all lost universes to be undone, Universes 13 to 18 return to the physical world after eons of nonexistence, yet their Gods of Destruction and Attendant Angels are nowhere to be found. Shortly after, strange phenomena are reported throughout the universes, Destroyers and other powerful warriors go missing, and time is running out for all of Creation. There are also rumors that a primeval Hakaishin long thought dead has returned along with his followers. Some say this deity has unlocked a forbidden art that allows him to completely strip other GoDs of their God ki along with their fighting techniques and abilities, reducing them to mortality and impotence by means of a skill once thought to reside exclusively in the Omni-King himself.
Faced with the u
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Hungry Muffy
Simba: Congratulations, Uncle Scar. That's one handsome baby boy you got there.
Nala (enthused): Oh, this is so awesome! I can't wait to be a big sister to this little bundle of joy!
Scar (overjoyed): Thank you, dear nephew, dearest stepdaughter... and please, call me Taka (frowns). "Scar" was one of countless mistakes I made in my youth...
Sarafina (gently nuzzles Scar): That's all in the past, my love. You've more than made up for what you did, and everyone else is starting to forgive and forget. You should, too. Isn't that right, Mufasa? (Mufasa doesn't answer). Mufasa... didn't you hear me? (Everyone turns to Mufasa: he's drooling all over himself and looking very intently over the horizon, yet there's nothing there). Mufasa? Mufasa! (Still no answer).
Sarabi (panics): His insulin! He needs his insulin!
Simba (with heroic resolve): Tell me where it is, Mom! I'll find it!
Sarabi (urgently): It's near the rock we all sleep next to... (Her tone turns sour) ...not far from where you ke
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Die Teufelsberg Dracula: Praeludium of Backstory
(September 1945. Louis de Rastignac is combing through some files).
Louis (speaks French): Die Teufelsberg Dracula, by James B. Velutino, alias Graf Siegfried Von Witzland. (Puzzled). Why would Von Witzland use a pseudonym? Surely the novel can't be that bad... (Starts reading, falls asleep at around page fifty as a voice echoes throughout his mind)
???? (speaks French): Monsieur Vicomte! Monsieur Vicomte!
Louis (groggy): Who... who's calling me? (The ghost of Siegfried Von Witzland appears before Louis, dressed à la Simon Belmont).
Siegfried (sternly ironic): Surely you have not forgotten me so soon? After all, you killed me barely three weeks ago.
Louis (switches to German): Graf Von Witzland? How come you're not burning in a lake of fire and brimstone?
Siegfried (chuckles): Actually, I'm in German Purgatory...
Louis: Same difference...
Siegfried (grins slyly): I'm warming up a spot for you, Monsieur Vicomte...
Louis (stares at him inte
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Un dia en la mente de Piccolo
(En alguna parte de la mente de Piccolo…)
Piccolo Daimakú (molestamente ruidoso): ¡Junior! ¡Oh, Junior! ¿Dónde estás?
Piccolo (sufriendo migraña aguda, con tono apenas civilizado): Aquí estoy, Papá.
PD (ofendido): ¿Perdón?
Piccolo (suspira): Estoy aquí… Padre (tono vergonzante).
PD (sonríe complacido): Así está mejor. Quería saber si…
Piccolo (severo): Si lo que quieres es invitarme a otra redada de bragas, la respuesta es la misma que he dado ayer, hoy y siempre: Absoluta. Mente. No.
PD (herido en su interior): No seas así, Junior…
Piccolo (cada vez más irritado): Mi nombre es Piccolo…
PD (fingiendo llorar): Y yo que te cargué durante tantos meses y…
Piccolo (furioso): Ni. Se. Te. Ocurra.
PD (tono normal): En fin. ¿Pasamos el rato?
Piccolo (descontento): ¿Tengo alguna otra opción?
PD (cara de burla): Ninguna en absoluto.
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Otaku eterno
(Invocan a Shenlong; pasan cosas raras).
Shenlong (solemne): Soy el Dragón Eterno. Dime tu deseo y te lo… (Mira hacia abajo y se decepciona al ver que son Gokú y compañía). Ustedes otra vez. ¿Ahora qué se les ofrece?
Gokú (confundido): Eh…
Shenlong (aburrido): Espera, espera, no me digas: ¿el peleador fracasado murió otra vez?
Yamcha (se encoge de hombros): ¿Saben qué? Esa ni dolió.
Shenlong: ¿El calvo ridículo?
Krillin (sin emociones): Qué alegría verte…
Shenlong: ¿El adefesio de tres ojos? ¿Su sumiso de porcelana?
Tien/Chiaotzu (mortalmente ofendidos): ¡¿QUÉ!?
Shenlong (impacientándose): ¿El viejo perverso al cual le encantan las tortugas?
Maestro Roshi (pulgares arriba): ¡Aquí estoy!
Shenlong (poco impresionado): ¿El tipo verde que no tiene v…?
Piccolo (severo): Termina esa oración y no respondo por lo que suceda.
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Pirate's Envy (Normal Trap) by Chronos-X Pirate's Envy (Normal Trap) :iconchronos-x:Chronos-X 2 0
Eternal Otaku
(Shenron is summoned. Freakishness ensues).
Shenron (solemn): I am the Eternal Dragon. Speak your wish and I shall... (Looks down, sees it's Goku and friends, is disappointed). Oh, it's you guys again. What is it this time?
Goku (confused): Uh...
Shenron (bored): Wait, wait, lemme guess: did the washed-up fighter die again?
Yamcha (shrugs): Dunno why, but that didn't hurt at all.
Shenron: The funny bald guy?
Krillin (utterly emotionless): Nice seeing you too...
Shenron: The three-eyed freak? His porcelain gimp?
Tien/Chiaotzu (mortally offended): HEY!
Shenron (growing impatient): The pervy old man with the turtle fetish?
Master Roshi (gives a thumbs-up): Still here, baby!
Shenron (unimpressed): The green guy who doesn't have a w...
Piccolo (stern): Go ahead, finish that sentence. See what happens.
Shenron (scoffs): Whatever. Make your wish already so I can go back to binging on ice cream and questioning my life choices (Gives Dende the stink-eye). Oh, wait...
Beerus (annoyed): Cu
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A Day in Piccolo's Head
(Somewhere within Piccolo's mind).
King Piccolo (obnoxiously loud): Junior! Oh, Junior! Where are you!?
Piccolo (suffering from a splitting migraine, barely civil tone): I'm here, Dad.
KP (miffed): I beg your pardon?
Piccolo (sighs): I'm here... Father (cringes).
KP (pleased smile): That's better. I just wanted to...
Piccolo (stern): If you want to invite me to yet another panty raid, the answer is the same as it always was and ever will be: Hell. Freaking. No.
KP (wounded to his core): Don't be like that, Junior...
Piccolo (getting progressively annoyed): It's Piccolo...
KP (faux-weepy): After I carried you for all those months and...
Piccolo (seething): Don't. Go. There.
KP (normal tone): Whatever. Wanna hang out?
Piccolo (displeased): Do I have a choice?
KP (troll-faced): None whatsoever.
Piccolo (sighs): Isn't that the story of my life...
(Nail and Kami pop in).
Nail (carrying an open laptop): Guys, you gotta see this! This Ebay stuff's amazing!
Kami (unim
:iconchronos-x:Chronos-X 2 0
Vader Talk
Random Storm Trooper 1: They say Vader is an ominous masked figure who answers directly to the Emperor himself and can otherwise do pretty much whatever the hell he wants. He punishes failure with death, yet even those subordinates who earn his praise can't breathe easy (no pun intended).
Random Storm Trooper 2: He's demanding and utterly relentless, yet dislikes hearing the word "sand" spoken in his presence. Also, I think his face gets stuck in a thousand-yard stare whenever he hears the words "high ground" and "younglings," but nobody knows for sure."
Random Storm Trooper 3: He's on poor terms with the higher-ups in the Empire, particularly Grand Moff Tarkin. No, seriously, the godson of a friend of mine who worked at the first Death Star, he says Vader don't like Tarkin 'cause he's "course, rough, irritating, and gets everywhere." Guy does smell like stale bantha cheese and moth balls, but I think he's exaggerating.
Random Storm Trooper 4: A son of an old acquaintance of my mother
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Dark Side Warlocks
Sidious: "Come, apprentices, the time draws nigh! Tonight is the night we feast on the entire galaxy!"
Vader: "Eh, Master? Darth Nihilus already did that. The end result was anything but pretty." 
Sidious: "What have I told you about questioning my brilliant plans, Lord Vader?"
Vader (resigned): "That I may only do so "when banthas fly."
Sidious: "Do you see any banthas flying around here, Lord Menacium?"
Jar Jar: "No, Lord Sidious, can't say that I do."
Vader (aside, to himself): "Scale-faced brown-noser."
Jar Jar: "Overcooked tool."
Vader: "Reptilian hermaphrodite."
Jar Jar: "Asthmatic toady."
Vader: "Obsequious gecko."
Jar Jar: "Constipated brute."
Sidious: "Quiet, you two! We can't waste time bickering like children!"
Vader: "Amphibian queer."
Jar Jar: "Spayed defibrillator." 
Vader: "Slimy turd."
Jar Jar: "Neutered has-been."
Vader: "Shameless salamander."
Sidious (annoyed): "Join the Dark Side, they said. We have cookies, they said. We can rule the galaxy, they said."
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Vampire Mama Blues
Lisa (sees Alucard has come back early in the morning): "Adrian Lysander Farenheits Tepes! Where the devil have you been? Why are you returning home at such an ungodly hour?" (Sees Al is all bloody and stuff). "Did you... have you been feeding on the neighbor's daughter AGAIN!?"
Alucard (all panicky): "No Mother, I haven't!" (Crosses fingers behind back).
Lisa (outraged): "How dare you lie to me, young man!? Just for that, you're grounded: no travelling back and forth to Constantinople in search of priceless artifacts for the next two-hundred years!"
Alucard (matter-of-factly): "Actually, it's called "Istanbul" now."
Lisa (stern, crosses her arms): "What have I told you about being a smart-aleck, young dhampir? Do you want to go back to the corner till the equinox of 1691?
Alucard (swallows hard): "No, Ma'am."
(Dracula warps into the room in a puff of smoke. He's wearing hot-pink curlers and has some gunk all over his face that looks like avocado paste).
Dracula (yawns, all groggy and
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The Manhattan Clan - Broadway the Fighter by Chronos-X The Manhattan Clan - Broadway the Fighter :iconchronos-x:Chronos-X 4 0 The Manhattan Clan - Lexington the Genius by Chronos-X The Manhattan Clan - Lexington the Genius :iconchronos-x:Chronos-X 3 0 TFC- Laddon the Pirate Cap. Megal. (PEM - Common) by Chronos-X TFC- Laddon the Pirate Cap. Megal. (PEM - Common) :iconchronos-x:Chronos-X 2 0 Brother's Agape (Normal Trap - Secret Rare) by Chronos-X Brother's Agape (Normal Trap - Secret Rare) :iconchronos-x:Chronos-X 0 0


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