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Storm, considered the best dragon in the whole Army, had been the one chosen to carry out their most important mission to date: a direct strike at the enemy’s last active communications center, the destruction of which would deny them the ability to coordinate their forces and make any opposition to Storm’s masters, putting a stop to the long-lasting war.

This is Storm: A genetically engineered bio-weapon who owes his existence to a morally deficient über-corporation intent on the destruction of its rival, driven by crazed genius to create a hyper-intelligent biological air force to wield their powerful plasma weapons. He has known nothing but combat for the entire span of his meager existence, and done nothing but faithfully carry out the orders of his distant superiors. This is his story.

Storm was an absolute blast to draw. I haven't ever done a very specific commission like this before, and watching this guy evolve as both the commissioner and I changed our minds about the design was absolutely fascinating. In fact, I might take one of the early stages and turn it into its very own distinct piece of art, because it's so different now than it was before.

Storm is the intellectual property of Aluísio Augusto Silva Gonçalves, and we would both be very put out if you were to steal this in any way.
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When I see your lovely work of art; I get that impression that it looks like something out of a mythology book! This art piece does in fact reflect that type of element. Accurately portraying the dragon as the ancient creature it is. From head to tail I love Storm's color scheme and design.

The anatomy on Storm looks fine with no major flaws. I admire how detailed he is including his translucent like wings and the spines along his back. His facial expression is very impacting as I can't even tell what emotion he is feeling. The background isn't too much to look at because, it's simple but, none the less; it's very relaxing and soothing to see all that water in the distance along with the small bit of land.

In conclusion this is an good drawing of a flying dragon. I like how you used attention to detail here for an example layering that part of Storm's wing over the cloud.
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ergmanStudent Digital Artist
Awesome. I feel like storm and Michael would get along.
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Chronos-DragonHobbyist Digital Artist
Probably even better than you'd think... *le ominous implication*
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dragon919Hobbyist General Artist
LOVE IT!!! :la:
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Chronos-DragonHobbyist Digital Artist
:aww: Thanks!
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Storm looks like a very good dragon. I like him and nice job drawing him.

May critique later.
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Chronos-DragonHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! :D Especially for the critique, it means a lot :aww:
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