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2017.... Level Completed. Unlocked: Year 2018

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 31, 2017, 9:46 AM
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Holy moly... can you believe that 2017 is over?


I remained alive and productive with no major catastrophes.  My dogs are still doglike.  I worked a lot, drew a lot of drawings, made some cool videos, and met some great new people.

Major thanks to my patrons!  You guys have made all of my wildest dreams come partially true.  And that's a good start.

This year... i spent pretty much every night at Workplace-K, which is a wonderful place.  My best friend and i had a pretty kick-ass vacation.  i got a crush on a girl, was rejected, and nothing came of it.  (Sigh.)  I took the dogs to the River a lot.  I spent more time than usual alone, because there aren't many coworkers at my job that i can truly vibe with.  (I miss Erin and Bryan and Isaiah and Lewis and too many others...) 

I went to the theater a lot.  It's the one fun thing i still do since i no longer drink and i'm too busy to do anything else.

Wonder Woman was probably my favorite movie of the year.  

Twin Peaks returned after 25 years, and you have no idea how huge that is, probably.  I wish i could fully explain.... Twin Peaks.  I'm not sure if anyone can.  

I saw a solar eclipse!  That was... August 21st?  Holy hell, i can't believe that was just over four months ago.  It was pretty amazing, and i'm glad i took the time to drive back to the 'Boro to see it.  (A partial eclipse is meh, a total eclipse is all that matters!)  

I didn't drink at all this year.  Total sobriety... except for a couple of doses of THC-laced coconut oil while on vacation.  That stuff is strong.


.... obviously, my first goal in 2018 is finishing up all the projects left over from 2017.  There's still 4 Fuukas and 2 Fioras and a Gelga and a lot of Overgrown Onis left to do....

...but after that?

I have so many ideas for comics and drawings.  You will probably like them.  I have a hunch you will like them.  

The one thing that might change is that i will no longer be able to do EVERY commission that comes my way.  I... i made a mistake in 2017 by agreeing to way too much.  This is unfair to me, and to my commissioners.

I hate telling someone 6 months later that i'm FINALLY ready to start their commission, and they say "Oh?  I kinda forgot about that..."  I totally understand, and it sucks.  

My default answer is always "yes."  If someone asks me for help on some random task, i instinctively say yes.  If someone asks me if i want to watch some movie i may not even like,  i instinctively say yes.  I never want to feel like i'm missing out, and i don't like to turn people down...

...but, i only have so much time.  I'll never be able to draw these ideas that hundreds of people might love if i feel obligated to draw every single thing people want.

Once i get to the bottom of the Queue, i want to start doing what VanHeist does -- spend 80% of my time on big ideas, and then, every once in a while, opening up 3 commission slots.  That way, the ideas are fresh, and they can be done in good time.


You know?

2018 is going to be an even better year than 2017.  

I feel like i learned a lot in 2017, especially when it comes to making comics.  My comics will get better and better. 

What drawings am i most happy with this year?

Symbiote VII: Dark Jasmine by Chronorin  Symbiote XVIII: Tavi the Eldritch by Chronorin  Quasar Daniels II by Chronorin
Trakeena's Mirror by Chronorin  Yuna: Lucky Cricket Dressphere by Chronorin  Symbiote XX: Feline Bayonetta by Chronorin

Symbiote IX: Zero Slime Samus by Chronorin  Jessica Krupnick is... Madame Ink! by Chronorin  The Audimated Man by Chronorin

I think Dark Jasmine was my favorite drawing, and ALSO my most popular!  That never happpens!

Anyway.... how are you guys doing?  What was the year like for you, and what do you hope to see in 2018?



-- HinataBot for Lusaphira
-- 4-stage Slug for Necroel
-- Slime Senshi Goddess for Tallboy-Dave
-- Knight Calla for Billy
-- Tiamab for KaijuDuke
-- Shriek for EndWar1945
-- Overgrown Oni Sakura/Tsunade, etc for Ne0natomy
-- Azula/Katara poster -- Ne0natomy

More Long-Term Projects: 

-- Gyno-Star
-- Peach Koopa for Ne0natomy
-- Peach Toadstool for D.K.
-- Starchaser: Swamp Elan
-- Scorpion Jasmine
-- MintJulep for LordAltros
-- Trinnie (if the customer wants it?)
-- Trini/Trakeena for AcornTops
-- Crysta and Tinkerbell
-- Mystique and the Throne of Skulls
-- Aquamaria (Static Shock)
-- Poison Ivy + Clayface = Poison Clay
-- Reflekta and her Reflektoids
-- Ashi -- Black Skin, Plant Dress, Service Gear, Akumatized Form
-- Lord Dominator

-- Bubblegum Raven II Comic
-- Total Body Makeover/Princess of Space Comics
-- Absorbed by Lord Cell Comic
-- The Yucky Girl Project

If you want to see more art from me, support me on Patreon!

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Also, I have a pretty cool ArtStation Page…

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Bubblegum Raven II Preview
...just a tiny taste of what's to come.  

You know you wanna become a $5 or $10 patron to get this comic before anyone else!
The 5th Day

...and lo, it was not until the fifth and final day of the September Dog-Days Staycation that i finally succumbed to sloth.  I spent all day fiddling with drawings that were already scanned in, but mostly sleeping and shoving food in my face and watching movies... brother rented Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom which is a monumentally dumb movie, but i did enjoy it more than the first one.  

I also watched The Last Jedi again because you have no idea how much i love that crazy movie.  It gets better each time you watch it.  I want to watch it every chance i get.  

Star Wars fans who are my age will never fully understand this fact -- there are, right now, millions of kids who grew up on Star Wars cartoons and now have this new trilogy to blow their minds.  One day, these kids will go back and watch the Original Trilogy, and... compared to Rey's training with Luke, Luke's training with Obi-Wan Kenobi will seem boring and lackluster in comparison.

Think about it.  Rey and Luke have more time together.  They go through a full range of emotions, from doubt, to curiosity, to commitment, to discovery, to suspicion, to anger, and finally acceptance and peace.  Rey has to deal with Luke's self-deceit and regret, and Luke has to deal with her optimism/infatuation with Kylo Ren.  It's a fantastic relationship, brief though it is.  That Rian Johnson was able to get it all into one film is a miracle. 

Luke and Obi-Wan in the original movie?  I mean, it's good, but imagine if you saw it for the first time today.  Luke goes to meet Obi-Wan.  He gets a lightsaber, hears a (fake) story about his father.  They get a ship and head to Alderaan, but get trapped aboard the Death Star.  Obi-Wan sacrifices himself so they can escape.

It's shorter, and has much less going on.  It's just that people saw it when they were young, and everything seems much more epic and meaningful when you're that age.  The same fan will see much more as a 10 year-old kid than as a 40 year-old bitter adult.

That's just the way it is.

The scene of Luke facing down the First Order and dueling Kylo Ren is fucking majestic, epic, operatic, and stunning.

Obi-Wan having a slow old-man duel with Vader is... i mean, it's okay.  Could've been better.

Ack, the vacation is over.  Time to go back to work.  I have a four-day workweek.  If i really hustle, perhaps i can put both Amphibian/Reptile and The Inky Babes to bed.  


I told my brother he should totally rent Ready Player One because i would so watch it again.  

I just realized how fitting that i saw that movie this week, because The Midnight just released Kids, their 4th album of retro-futuristic synthwave.  Oh god, i love it.  You might love it, too.  Give it a listen!

Ready Player One...

You know, i had absolutely no intention of EVER seeing Ready Player One, but then my friend said "nah dude, it's worthy," so then i had to see it because we're never wrong about these things.

I gave up playing videogames years ago, and on some level i consider this a horror film about the future that kids are going to inherit... but still, i really love this movie, way, way more than i thought i would.  

I liked how all three challenges were tied to some kind of regret of Halliday's, and hinted that all his success came from sorrow.  What's sadder than a kid who can't go outside so he plays Atari 2600 games all day?  I remember the Atari 2600, it sucked ass.

I especially love the little bit of woozy Spielbergian mysticism at the end, when it seems that Halliday's avatar isn't part of the game, and isn't a secretly-alive Halliday, so he's... an inexplicable, impossible spiritual thing.  I fucks with that shit in narratives.

My one criticism is that the outside "real" world was far too much of an interesting techno-dystopia in its own right.  It might have been more interesting if it had been a much more boring, everyday world like our own.

Anyway, great movie.  I want to see it again.  I shouldn't known that Steven Spielberg wouldn't waste his time on some lame bunk.

Also, Art3mis is cool.  She reminds me of the Tooth Fairy from Rise of the Guardians.

Ready Player One - Art3mis by ceriselightning   Distracted Globe Art3mis - Ready Player One by EddieHolly   Ready Player One Art3mis Poster by Artlover67


My brother just called.  They're heading back early.  They'll be home in a few hours... argh, i should eat the rest of this fish and boil some lemons to get rid of the smell.  I promised them that the fishfest would be well and done by the time they got back.

All i have eaten today is fish.

And one fish sandwich.  

But mostly fish.

Fuck it, i'm gonna watch the trailer because when this came out, i thought it looked stupid, but now i like it.

The Captain Marvel trailer is here!… 

18 deviants said Meh, another Marvel movie. They're good and all, just don't expect me to get all excited.
5 deviants said I await the logical and nuanced responses from the He-Man Woman-Hater Basement-Troll Gang. MALE GENOCIDE.
4 deviants said Her sensible costume is cool yet functional. Good role model for the children.
4 deviants said I like when she punches the old lady, i really hate old people.
3 deviants said Blockbuster Video? Yeah, my grandpa is always going on about those...
3 deviants said Nah man, this looks terrible.
2 deviants said ...she doesn't even say "Shazam!" once, what the hell?
2 deviants said Other (tell me.)
1 deviant said Looks good, but i still wish Kathryn Winnick or Rhea Seehorn was playing her.


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