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Fuuka Yamagishi: Calorie Magic Overload V



...the 5th of a new Persona Sequence for patron :iconkamenmaster: Kamenmaster, inspired by the original sequences by :iconadamthejoker: AdamTheJoker!


Rise awoke slowly in the morning.  After yet another night of eating, drinking, and debauchery, shaking off the inebriated slumber was an arduous process.  Her eyelids refused to open on their own.... until she felt her belly being rudely shaken by Fuuka, who had passed out next to her the night before.

"Wakey-wakey, Rise-chan!" came her friend's voice, still sounding somewhat hoarse and syrupy from the overindulgence, "what are we going to do today?  One more night here, or are we going to move on to the next stop?"

Rise felt a twinge of nausea, and something more... an uncharacteristic hint of regret.  She looked at Fuuka's face, so fat and so different from how she had started.  Fuuka was grinning greedily, already anticipating a fresh round of partying.  In the last few weeks, Fuu had displayed an appetite for lavish living that was eclipsing that of her mentor.  Sometimes she would refer to "the old Fuuka," as if she had become an entirely new and unrestrained person entirely.  

 Was... was this right thing to be doing, Rise thought?  Fun is fun... and we've been having fun... but maybe... should we have started down this path?

Fuuka continued jiggling her belly, giggling all the while.

"You're going to have to step it up, Rise.  Look, I think I'm even bigger than you now!  Who would have ever guessed?"

Fuuka collapsed on the bed next to Rise, their bloated bodies slithering together, still slick from the cocoa oil from the beach.

Rise began to feel just a little better.  That gross feeling would pass.  She'd get up and bathe, and drink some coffee, and in just a few hours they'd be back at it.  What else would they do?  The money and the fun would keep flowing as far as she could see.  Once you start down a path like this, Rise thought, it was hard to leave it.

Rise lifted her hands and massaged Fuuka's enormous belly.  Wow, she's not kidding, Rise thought, she really IS bigger than I am.  I'm going to have to do something about that...


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Hecking cute. Nice job on the knees. :)