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Fuuka Yamagishi: Calorie Magic Overload IV



...the 4th of a new Persona Sequence for patron :iconkamenmaster: Kamenmaster, inspired by the original sequences by :iconadamthejoker: AdamTheJoker!


Rise had been right all along. 

"I'm sorry I kind of left you alone for too long with the corporate guys, Fuuka," she told her friend as they began their month-long vacation, "I sometimes forget how weird it is at first, and that it's supposed to be fun!"

With Rise's massive entourage in tow, the two girls embarked on a sojourn of gluttony, indulgence, and mindless partying that was far, far in excess of anything Fuuka had ever experienced.  They moved from one tropical resort to another, from luxury hotel to cruise ship to tropical resort...

All the while, Fuuka had more decadent foods shoved at her face than she could possibly eat, along with endless drinks and other substances.  Entire weeks vanished in endless debauchery.  The month soon became two, then three... it was all paid for by the sponsors, who were capturing every moment and broadcasting it online to Rise and Fuuka's fanbase.  Why was this sort of thing so popular, Fuuka wondered in a fleeting moment of clarity?  It was a hard world out there, so people were living vicariously through their escapades... maybe watching people have fun was the next best thing to having fun yourself?

Fuuka hadn't worn normal clothes in ages; she'd been wearing her the ridiculous Calorie Magic Costume so long that she'd gotten used to it.  Also, the things she had done with Rise and others... even as she got fatter and fatter, her self-consciousness over her body vanished.  It was amazing, Fuuka thought, as she glanced at her expanding self in the mirror -- people really DO want to see me like this!

It was pure liberation.  Rise had partied the doubts and hesitation right out of her.  The old, shy Fuuka was gone, and a newly-confident Fuuka was in her place...  
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And now the first hint of confidence.